Last modified 10 years ago Last modified on 09/23/2009 09:02:26 PM

In order to recreate the DC3a_DB database on your own machine, execute the following commands. This must be done against a MySQL 5.0+ database installation:

mysql -e 'create database DBGlobal'
mysql -e 'create database DC3a_DB'
mysql -D DC3a_DB < sql/lsstSchema4mysqlDC3a.sql
mysql -D DBGlobal < sql/setup_DB_global.sql
mysql -D DC3a_DB < sql/setup_storedFunctions.sql
mysql -D DC3a_DB < sql/setup_perRunTables.sql
mysql -D DC3a_DB < sql/setup_sdqa.sql
mysql -D DC3a_DB < sql/setup_DB_dataChallenge.sql