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Calibrated Sources

LSST Database

Based on DataAccWG telecon Oct 6, 2009, we should persist sources in uncalibrated form in order to be able to change calibration without redoing image processing. On the other hand, analyses will always be using calibrated sources, so we need an efficient way to provide access to calibrated sources. Options:

  1. store calibration info separately and calibrate sources on the fly
  2. store calibration info together with uncalibrated sources and calibrate on the fly
  3. store calibrated sources
    1. separately from uncalibrated sources
    2. together with uncalibrated sources

In DC3b we will store calibrated information, and information about photometricCorrection, so it will be possible to "revert" back to the raw, uncalibrated values if needed. We will not support multiple versions of calibration in DC3b?


  • do we support multiple versions of calibration after DC3b?
  • If we do, should we support default calibration?
  • How do users access non-default versions?
  • How do we implement "2" and "3b" (statically pre-size schema for certain pre-defined number of versions?)