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LSST Database

[ LSST Data Management ]

Welcome! This page is used for managing internal information related to the LSST Database. For user-oriented information see mysqlGuide. The team working directly on this project include:


  • Douglas Smith (SLAC, 2013)
  • Bill Chickering (Stanford, student, 2012-2014)

Past collaborators:

  • Vyassa Baratham (Summer Student, 2013)
  • Bipin Suresh (Stanford), July - August 2010
  • Maria Nieto-Santisteban (JHU), 2005 - 2007
  • Ani Thakar (JHU), 2005 - 2007

This database is expected to reach over 50 petabytes.

The LSST baseline database design is described in detailed at LSST Database Design. Please note that it is a live document, periodically updated.

Query Service (qserv)



Simulated Data

Hardware Sizing

Design Discussions

Note, this section covers higher level design discussions that do not go into qserv specific details. Qserv-specific design discussions are covered in the "Design" section on Qserv page.


Databases in Data Challenges

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