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Matching Detected Stars with the SimRefObject Catalog through precomputed Match table

SELECT o.objectId, 
       sro.ra, sro.decl, sro.gLat, sro.gLon, sro.sedname, 
       sro.uMag, sro.gMag, sro.rMag, sro.iMag, sro.zMag, sro.yMag, 
       sro.muRa, sro.muDecl, sro.parallax, sro.vRad, sro.varClass, 
       (sro.refObjectId-1)/2%pow(2,10) typeId 
FROM   Object o 
JOIN   RefObjMatch rom USING (objectId) 
JOIN   SimRefObject sro USING (refObjectId)
WHERE  isStar =1 and rMag < 25

Frequently run by PipeQA.