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Shape cut (select fuzzy objects)

See section 4.2.3 of The WFCAM Science paper:

SELECT ra, dec,
       /* De-reddened Petrosian magnitude and fixed aperture colour: */
       jPetroMag-aj as j,
       (jAperMag3-aj)-(kAperMag3-ak) as jmk
FROM   reliableDxsSource
      /* Classification cut to exclude all point sources: */
      mergedClass NOT BETWEEN -1 AND 0 AND
      /* Exclude any sources with poorly or undefined Petrosian mags: */
      jPetroMagErr BETWEEN 0 AND 0.2 AND
      kPetroMagErr BETWEEN 0 AND 0.2

This is a straightforward full table scan with some cuts on 3 columns.