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added info from supernova science collaboration

Joining LSST main catalogs with other catalogs (cross match)

Common Queries

AGN science collaboration expects to join LSST Catalogs with: chandra, xmm-newton, spitzer, and other space-observatory source catalogs. These catalogs are expected to be (O)1GB in size, and the joins are expected to be needed about 1 time per month.

Weak lensing: "we will probably not do MUCH joining with other catalogs, by which I mean that we expect that most of the galaxies we observe will never have been observed before. We still may want to join with millions from SDSS or CFHTLS to examine any systematic differences among the common galaxies."

Supernova: "Yes. IR catalogs from efforts like VISTA (tens of TBs?). Existing X-ray catalog from current and potential future missions. This will possibly be nightly, but again only for a subset of the objects that resemble supernova."