Last modified 6 years ago Last modified on 02/01/2013 07:28:21 AM

Select all unresolved objects (stellar PSF) in a given region of sky, and return their attributes

Returned attributes should include: parallax, mags, proper motions, variability.

This query was suggested by the LSST Science Collaboration (Stellar Populations).

SELECT parallax, uMag, gMag, rMag, iMag, zMag, yMag, muRA, muDecl,
       uVarProb, gVarProb, rVarProb, iVarProb, zVarProb, yVarProb
FROM   Object
WHERE  areaSpec(:raMin, :declMin, :raMax, :declMax)
  AND  extendedParameter < 0.2