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Select all objects with certain variability or period or amplitude

FROM   Object
WHERE  variability > 0.8 -- variable object
   AND uTimescale < :timescaleMax
   AND gTimescale < :timescaleMax
   AND rTimescale < :timescaleMax
   AND iTimescale < :timescaleMax
   AND zTimescale < :timescaleMax
   AND yTimescale < :timescaleMax
    OR primaryPeriod BETWEEN :periodMin AND :periodMax 
    OR uAmplitude > :amplitudeMin
    OR gAmplitude > :amplitudeMin
    OR rAmplitude > :amplitudeMin
    OR iAmplitude > :amplitudeMin
    OR zAmplitude > :amplitudeMin
    OR yAmplitude > :amplitudeMin

Select all objects with variability timescale less than specified threshold (timeScale), or with the period in a certain range, or amplitude greater than some value. A search like this can be useful in locating objects (regardless of their classification) that possess certain variability characteristics indicative of specific phenomena being studied.

Todo: LSST schema has timescale, period, amplitude per filter, understand if we could use average.