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DataAccWG Meeting Notes

date topics discussed
2010/11/30 replication, forcedSources, correlations
2010/08/20 sizing
2010/04/30 db admin roles, cluster management, backup, status of secondary database server at slac, xfs, hiding truth databases/tables, sysbench benchmark
2010/04/19 mops
2010/03/26 database ingest, exposure / metadata in db, reference catalog, ImSim db, sky tiles
2010/02/25 sim schema, exposure tables
2010/02/22 schema for DiaSource, ForcedSource, ForcedDiaSource, Exposure
2010/02/11 schema for Object table (part II), and some *Source tables
2010/02/04 schema for Object table
2010/01/15 schema for image simulation related tables, proposed restrictions on query APIs (SQL), classification, schema for reference catalog, synthetic sources of data, database names and access control, Source / !Source4MOPS table split, interactions between db and astrometry, photometry, generating objectIds, multi-cone search, best way to specify filter name in queries, stored procedures/functions, views
2010/01/12 scalable architecture