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Assigned Action Items

LSST Database

2007-05-04, DataAccWG telecon

nightly processing

  • understand poor-disk performance during loading chunks from disk to memory [Serge]
  • try doing cross match using extract from Object table (objId, ra, decl, x,y,z) [Serge]
  • check with application people about cross matching against var object [Jacek]
  • try doing cross match first against variable objects first [Serge]
  • document requirements / assumptions [Jacek]
  • investigate why dropping in-memory table slow [Serge]
  • test number of tables per db to find sweet spot [Serge]
  • check with Tim whether proper motion adjustment will be made only during deep detection, or during nightly processing too [Jacek]

mysql related

  • bad performance of composite index on (zoneId, ra) - follow up with mysql [Jacek]
  • MyISAM uses 1K disk blocks (8K in new generation myisam) - investigate why it is not tunable [Jacek]


  • sql stored procedures coding standards [Jeff]
  • check existing standards related to stored procedures [Ani]
  • investigate how easy is to move disks/RAM from lsst-dev03 to lsst-dev02 [Jacek]

2007-05-02, DataAccWG telecon

  • define baseline approach how we are going to do association in DC2 [due May 11, Serge, Ani, KT, Jacek]
  • memo about whether to use CORAL [Jacek]
  • ping Ray about cleaning AltFormatter [Jacek]
  • legal issues - Stanford copyrights [Jacek, Jeff]
  • DBMSStorage [KT]
    • prototype does not adhere to the EA model - fix it: create Formatter class, shift some functionality to Formatter
    • parametrize queries
    • add caching of frequently used data
    • cleanup namespaces

Unassigned Action Items / Todo's

  • persisting metadata
  • measure CORAL performance overhead