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Database & Data Access Team - Winter 2015 planning

02C.06.01.01 (Catalogs Alerts and MetaData)

  • data ingest (production version)
    • scope: ingest scripts for doing data challenges, simplified version of what we have now
    • effort: 2 weeks? (Serge)
  • global catalog for production tracking (initial version)
    • tentative scope: central database for tracking location of data sets, lightweight provenanc
    • effort: 1 FTE-month?

02C.06.01.02 (Image and File Archive)

  • image and file archive (initial version)
    • scope: tbd
    • effort: several FTE months

02C.06.02.01 (Data Access Client Framework)

  • butler (final version)
    • scope: final touches to the version K-T builds during S14
    • effort: 1-2 FTE-months?

02C.06.02.02 (Data definition Client Framework)

  • nothing here (I believe)

02C.06.02.03 (Query Services)

Note, all of this needs to be "robust to user errors, crash-free, fault tolerant"

  • "creation and removal of distributed databases"
    • CSS v2
    • db removal
  • "creation and loading of prepartitioned distributeed tables"
    • data loader
    • CSS v2
  • "initial version of query aborting"
  • "implement initial query types"

02C.06.02.04 (Image and File Services)

From WBS: access file systems, provenance, read provenance, recreate calibrated / subtracted science images

  • Provenance
    • scope: determine what to capture, define structure, implement, optimization for reading provenance
    • effort: 4 FTE-months? (LDM-240 wants "final version", not sure about that.)
  • Image cutout service
    • scope: deliver image or image cutout
    • effort: ~2 FTE-months?


  • redoing costing model?
  • XLDB-2015
  • Release planning - LDM-240
  • DM Constr WBS definitions - Document-14769 in Collection-1451