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Stripes with (zoneId,ra) indexes: Performance Summary


For the high density FOV

  • 3044282 objects are read into memory
    • note: this is less than the other stripe test (which filters by ra and dec rather than ra and zoneId) due to an off by one error in the zone bounds I was using for the insert query. This slight error doesn't warrant rerunning the test.
  • ? objects read from disk

For the low density FOV

  • 76274 objects are read into memory
  • ? objects read from disk

For the average density FOV

  • 373804 objects are read into memory
  • ? objects read from disk

Currently the load test reads in the high density FOV with fat rows in 133 minutes (many times slower than all other approaches). The test is completely IO bound (disk is 80-98% busy, transfer rate is between about 800kB/s and 4MB/s with an average closer to 1MB/s, ~120 r/s sustained). Performance is seek limited - we could attack this problem by putting the indexes for each stripe on separate disks from the data, and furthermore by making sure adjacent stripes don't share any disk. Due to the extremely poor performance, full test results are omitted. Note also that clustering the stripe tables involved in the test took almost a full week (the tables involved too large for in-memory sorting).

TODO Setup and test scripts should be double checked for bugs.