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LSST Data Management

LSST ‚Äč Data Management is using Trac as its bugtracker, and also to handle other aspects of software management such as code reviews.

  • UMLModel: The UML model of the LSST software and its DC2 specialization
  • DBSchema?: The LSST database schema
  • BuildSystem: How we're going to build our software system
  • Installing: How to install our build system and products
  • ToolSets: Tools that we are using
  • CodeReviews: Using Trac to Track Code Reviews
  • CodeStandards: LSST Coding Standards
  • TracUsers: A list of our trac users, their email addresses, and links to their personal wiki pages and blogs.
  • DC2Management: documents related to the management and execution of DC2
  • ConceptDesignReview: documents related to the management and execution of Concept Design Review

Trac related pages

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