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    Guide on Reporting Percentage Completed:

    For software development tasks:

    • use 0% if the solution is still being designed;
    • use 25% if the solution's design is completed;
    • use 50% if the solution is implemented and tested within the Ticket branch;
    • use 75% if the implementation review is complete, the Ticket branch has been merged onto the Trunk branch, and the Ticket is closed.
    • use 100% if the affected Trunk packages are tagged and released.

    For level of effort tasks, use % of effort expended rounded to nearest 5%:

    For other tasks, still use these increments, but apply their meaning as best as possible:

    • use 0% if the deliverable is still being designed;
    • use 25% if the deliverable's design is completed;
    • use 50% if the deliverable is implemented awaiting review/approval;
    • use 75% if the deliverable has been reviewed and in revision;
    • use 100% if the deliverable is approved and posted to appropriate repository.

    Note: Please place an asterisk (*) after the percent if you updated this value in this report.

    Task Start Finish Resources % Complete Comment Last Updated
    Upgrade eups/sconsUtils and third party packages Sep12 Oct17 Ray
    Move all machines to RHEL6 Sep12 Oct17 Mike, Greg, Steve 50%* Final validation testing complete; Received go-ahead from the DM team on Nov 15; Publishing an upgrade schedule Nov 22; lsst 5,11 will be complete early Dec; lsst 6,8 after that 2011-11-21
    Write package release tool Sep12 Oct24 Ray
    Pipette/butler/policy redesign Sep12 Oct24 Russell, Martin, K-T 0% This should be 3 separate tasks. The state of pipette is: Task and Source are implemented with unit tests, other than support for persisting metadata. Command parsing is partially written but is stuck waiting for more information about the Policy redesign. Existing tasks have not been rewritten (again, much of this can be done once I know more about the coming Policy). 2011-11-18 by Russell
    Measurement infrastructure rework (#1760) Sep 4 Nov 8 Paul
    sconsUtils/package layout transition (#1780) Oct4 Oct24 Jim Bosch, everyone else 100% Finished with Winter2012a merge on 11/17. 20111121
    git/hg decision Oct4 Oct24 Paul, Dustin, Mario, everyone else 100%* git was selected over hg and svn 20111118
    buildbot automation and automation of weekly/triggered runs Oct11 Oct24 David, Steve, K-T 50%* some builds now use git, working on the rest; working on changes because of the Winter 2012a and new eups/scons tools 20111118
    Port stack to new third party packages (#1782, #1752; does not include SWIG 2) Oct4 Oct31 Jim, everyone else 100% Finished with Winter2012a merge on 11/17. 20111121
    Port stack to SWIG 2 Oct4 Oct31 Serge, everyone else 50% Done through afw 20111121
    Remove daf_data, sdqa, security (#1793) Oct4 Oct31 Jim 90% daf_data and security have been completely removed; sdqa has been replaced with a simplified pure-Python implementation and will be removed completely with the new pipette implementation. 20111121
    Apps package reorganization Oct11 Oct31 Jim 25% Informal agreement by apps team on proposal, but implementation has been reschedule to be one of the last tasks in Winter2012 and proposal will be formalized then (implementation is expected to be very easy, but would disrupt other work), 20111121
    afw pixel classes (region, image, footprint) redesign Oct4 Nov7 Jim, RHL, Russell, AndyB 100% Design review completed 11/16. 20111121
    ip_isr redesign Oct17 Nov1 Simon, AndyB 10%* Design underway. 20111118
    git/hg transition Oct25 Nov7 Mike, David, everyone else 90%* git repositories now in use; reconfiguration of Trac depends on new distribution server; SRP doing required change in buildbot (addl comment by Mike: we should consider creating a separate line item for the "new ds33" server as that work will be sufficiently distinct from "git/hg transition") 20111118
    Pipette/butler/policy implementation Oct25 Nov21 Russell, Martin, K-T 0% Pipette/butler/policy redesign 2011-11-18 by Russell
    Develop stripped-down prototype pipeline for middleware R&D Nov1 Nov21 Greg, Steve, K-T 0% 20111123
    Source redesign Nov8 Dec5 RHL, Paul, Dustin, K-T, Jim 50% Proposal trac page and toy implementation available; ready for design review. 20111121
    afw pixel class reimplementation Nov8 Dec12 Apps group 0% Will begin work this week. 20111121
    Implement prototype pipeline on NHPPS ( doc) Nov22 Dec19 Greg, Steve 25% NHPPS software installed, configured on LSST cluster. Initial tests with Basic Calibration Workflow beginning 20111123
    Source reimplementation Dec6 Jan16 Paul, Dustin, RHL, K-T, Jim 10% Some of the implementation is already present in the proposal. May be a higher priority than the afw pixel class implementation. 20111121
    Implement prototype pipeline on OWL or Condor Dec20 Jan16 Greg, Steve 0% 20111123