Last modified 11 years ago Last modified on 10/02/2008 05:39:16 PM

Proposed verbosity levels to use in Trace and Log statements. Using a standard helps users choose a suitable verbosity when viewing trace messages.

  1. warnings
  2. warnings in potentially long loops
  3. useful chatter; e.g. input parameters to subroutines
  4. less useful chatter
  5. useful chatter in potentially long loops
  6. less useful chatter in potentially long loops
  7. print potentially long arrays


  • Perhaps 2 and 3 should be swapped. Perhaps it depends on the situation.
  • Andy Becker proposes that the lowest levels also be logged as a matter of course. Russell Owen would prefer that messages either be logged or traced but not both, but only if it is easy to see logged messages while running tests.