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LSST Toolsets

from: LSST Software Tools.

LSST is using a number of tools, both as components of our code, and to support our build system

See also DM/ThirdPartySoftware: a record of third party packages used by data management.

Software Engineering

Software Toolkits

  • STL: the C++ Standard Template Library. You may use anything from here.
  • Boost: the Boost C++ libraries. Selected libraries only; Boost LsstBoost lists those acceptable.
  • Eigen: matrix algebra package (see MatrixMath for alternatives considered).
  • FFTW: C++ FFT Library.
  • GSL: C++ GNU Scientific Library.
  • numpy: python numeric package.


  • Doxygen: generates documentation from source code comments.
  • Eups: manages multiple versions of installed packages and their dependencies.
  • M4: a macro language for general-purpose automated code generation
  • SCons:builds software.
  • Swig: a python/C++ interface generator (see python_C for alternatives considered).
  • Subversion: a version control system.
  • gcov, ggcov, tggcov C++ Coverage Analysis Tools.


Possible Packages

  • HyperAtlas: Facilitates sphere-to-plane mapping of large federations of imaging data. Allows for mosaicking of large grid-based datasets.
  • Object-Relational Mapping: packages for mapping between C/C++ objects and tables in an RDBMS.
  • abi-compliance-checker: Checks binary and api compatibility between versions of a library (DM-speak: package)