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When are developers allowed to do their work directly on the trunk?

The LSST project expects that all significant development take place on ticket branches; these tickets (and their emergence on the trunk) are under the control of the LSST workflow.

There are, however, three circumstances in which a change may be made on the trunk:

  1. The initial implementation of some piece of functionality
  2. A "trivial change", which is defined to mean one that it:
    • does not change the API;
    • does not change the documented behavior of the module
    • takes less than 30 lines of code alteration (n.b. a context diff would show a few more lines)
    • has a (new) unit test that failed before the fix and passes now (this isn't counted in the 30 lines)
  3. With the permission of the Package Guru. In this case:
    • the API may change
    • the documented behaviour may change
    • fewer than 50 lines of code alteration
    • a unit test is still required

In all three cases, a ticket must still be opened.

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