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Software Standards, Policies and Conventions

LSST Software Development Plan

LSST Software Development Plan

Coding Standards

CodeStandards:: LSST Coding Standards for C++ and Python SQL Coding Standard
dbNamingConv:: Database Attribute Naming Convention

Documentation Standards

DocumentationStandards:: Standards for Software Documentation

EaIngestNeeds:: Documentation Standards change to accomodate EA -- integrated into above Documentation Standards
Copyrights:: Copyright Information
DMAcknowledgements:: Acknowledgements by LSST Data Management

Testing Standards

UnitTestingStd:: Unit Testing Standard

Policies and Conventions

DMTwikiUsage:: Policy on Trac Twiki Usage for LSST DM documentation
CodeReviewProcess:: Code Modification Policy: Using Trac to Track Code Reviews
LsstDCTicketWorkflow:: Ticket Workflow Process
OnVersionNumbers:: Release version numbering conventions
OnUsingUsing:: C++'s Using Statement Convention
OnAddingNewLsstRequirement:: Policy on Changing an LSST Baseline Requirement
ReleasingNewProductVersions:: Creating and obtaining new releases

Superceded Policies

TicketLifecycle:: OBSOLETE DC2: Proposal for Revision to Code Modification Policy SubversionTreeChange:: LSST Guideline on Restructuring the svn Directory Layout
IssuingReleases:: Creating and obtaining new releases