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The main goal of this Analysis is to assess the quality of the Coadd produced by pipe_tasks and CoaddPsf? in actual detection and measurement tasks. At the same time, we will attempt to tweak the configs for the following pipe_tasks to produce the best measurements possible:

  • mosaicTask
  • makeCoaddTempExp
  • assembleCoadd
  • processCoadd


  • Config files AND defaults in obs_lsstImsim
  • Required changes to pipe_tasks and meas_mosaic to produce analysis plots
  • Plots as described in Summer2013/Coadd Testing review

Coadd Measurements with CoaddPsf?

Third Trial: (tract 3, all patches [83:86, 55:58])

Photometric plots: Aperture mag (aperture 20) and Psf mags for Coadds

Astrometric Plots: Comparison of coadd src positions with "real" positions from Imsim inputs

Overall scatter and scatter vs. position (calexp sources):

Overall scatter and scatter vs. position (coadd sources):

Meas Mosaic Diagnostics

These are the primary diagnostics which came out of a complete run on all 111 measMosaicData visits. These plots eliminate about 2% of the objects deemed "bad", and use a 5 sigma, 2 pass clip.

  • Overall Astrometric Scatter
  • Astrometric Scatter vs. Position
  • Photometric Delta from Reference Image vs. Magnitude


After running trials with and without the deblender, it was obvious that the deblender vastly improved the detection catalog. These are the deblender setting being used: