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Tasks to be done After DC2 and Prior to DC3

from: DC3 Management

EA Setup

  1. define uniform LSST Local Path to be used for source being generated or resynced from EA. This Local Path will be used by all programmers interacting with EA.
  1. setup initial EA packages to conform with the desired software structure. This enables directory tree resync of code to EA model.
  1. create scripts to
    1. zip a source directory for export to EA system for resync into EA model
    2. unzip a source directory into correct location on EA system for resync into EA model
    3. zip an EA generated source directory for export to Linux system

SVN Setup

Trac Setup

  1. Miscellaneous but informative pages are being lost in WIKI since linking from Lsst Index is not consistent. Possible solutions:
    1. create secondary index which provides pages grouped by original owner
  2. Install trac 0.11dev so workflow and special reports can be setup in advance.

Build System

  1. Find alternate for Pacman (rhl/rp discussion)
    • I hope it (or something) could support listing available packages and which ones a user has that are installed, out of date, etc. --RO)
  2. For sake of stat counting by class/method, Swig generated libraries should be named consistently, e.g. <functionality> and <functionality> (Is this about SWIG-generated files or SWIG input files *.i whose names are used to generate .py and .cc and .so files? -- KTL)
  3. Supported architectures
  4. Automated build farm? (RO)
  5. Add a person dedicated to the build system? (so much time was lost during DC2 due to fighting build system issues that it could be a good investment -- RO).


  1. Setup testbed for each hardware configuration on which DC3 guaranteed to run
  2. A mechanism whereby we could have tests that fail in a way that the user knows the failure is expected (python examples/ We could add some way to label that a given (unittest) test has a known ticket number, and that it should be labelled as a known problem. (ro)

Source Documentation

Standardize the required preample for *.h, *.cc, *.py files so that extraneous entries in doc/htmlDir are not generated. Prefer to have all doco for classes, methods, etc in appropriate namespace.

User Setup

  1. Each user must setup the LSST Local Path in EA.


  1. Is persisting versions of each software package and entries from each policy file sufficient for DC3 provenance?

Test bed

  1. Prepare test bed for large scale database query tests