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Archive Center

The Archive Center at NCSA has three functions:

  • House a permanent and complete copy of the data collected by LSST
  • Process raw data collected by the telescope into the LSST Object Catalog, for science consumption
  • Distribute the raw data and Object Catalog to Data Access Centers?


  1. Physical Security
    • Collocated in the NCSA Petascale Computing Facility
    • Physical security
  2. Network Security
    • Connections to other security domains
      • Incoming dedicated connection from
    • Internal network structure
  3. Data Products
    • What products are consumed, produced, and stored
    • Their sources and destinations
    • Ensuring integrity
  4. Authentication/Authorization? requirements
  5. Recovery plans
  6. Maintainability provisions (maybe outside of scope for now)
  7. Variability among instances (for example, Chilean DAC vs. NCSA DAC)