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LSST has two apparently conflicting goals:

  1. Openness - public access to scientific data
  2. Security - reliable infrastructure and long-term data integrity

We will need to find a balance between these two, for each component and participant of LSST.


  1. Physical Security
  2. System-level Security
  3. Applications Security
  4. Public Access


  • Mountaintop
    • Network access strictly through base facility
    • Important roles: Buffering, Network transfer to Base Facility
  • Base facility (at La Serena)
    • [Who can access?]
    • No public access (all through collocated Data Access Center)
    • Nightly processing (real-time)
    • Data transferred to Archive Center
  • Archive Center (at NCSA)
    • [Who can access?]
    • Data Archive
    • Primary data processing
  • Data access Centers
    • Operated by LSST
      1. Collocated with the Archive Center (NCSA)
      2. Collocated with Base Facility (La Serena)
      3. San Diego
      4. Education and Public Outreach (EPO)
    • Possibly others, independently funded

Shared Facilities

Where LSST shares a site, we can expect to collaborate with other organizations on security, especially physical security.

  • NCSA
    • LSST will share a major new data center with NCSA, whose most notable resident will be the NSF supercomputing cluster Blue Waters which is expected to come online in 2011.

[Needed: list of other organizations whose facilities we will share]

Source Documentation

NCSA Security Policies