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    99 * Establishing ownership without restricting use 
    1010 * Preserving all non-commercial use 
    11  * Allowing, but not necessarily encouraging, commercial use 
     11 * Enabling community extension and contributions 
     12 * ~~Allowing, but not necessarily encouraging, commercial use~~ ''(dropped 2009-03-27)'' 
    1718== Proposal == 
    18 Given all the above, the [ Apache License 2.0] appears to be a good fit. It allows users of Apache licensed software to 
    19  * Copy, distribute and modify the software 
    20  * Exercise patent rights on the portions of software that they use that would normally only be the right of the licensor only 
    22 At the same time, the Apache license requires that 
     20All code written by the LSST project for the operation of LSST and the processing of its data shall be licensed under the [ GNU Public License Version 3 (GPLv3)] or later.  This enables the following: 
     21  *  Users of the software are allowed to do so free of charge 
     22  *  Others may copy, redistribute, extend or modify the software 
     23  *  Allows LSST to use and link against other GPLed software 
     24  *  The software may be linked against certain proprietary software through well defined interfaces that are documented as special exceptions ([ Ref.]) 
     26At the same time, the GPL license makes the following restrictions 
    2327 * All copies, modified or unmodified, are accompanied by a copy of the license 
    24  * All modifications are clearly marked as being the work of the modifier 
    25  * All notices of copyright, trademark and patent rights are reproduced accurately in distributed copies 
    26  * The licensee does not start legal action against the licensor(s) over patent infringement 
    27  * The licensee does not use any trademarks that belong to the licensor 
    29 It is useful to note that software distributed under the Apache license 2.0 is provided as is (i.e. without any warranty of any sort). 
     28 * Source code for derived works or extensions distributed by others must be made available in source form 
     29 * GPLed software cannot be combined with other software unless it is covered by a compatible license (or meets the above mentioned exceptions). 
     30 * GPLed software cannot be used as part of proprietary (commercial) software. 
     32Software distributed under GPL is provided as is (i.e. without any warranty of any sort). 
    3235== Implementation == 
    33 In practice adopting the Apache License 2.0 means 
     36In practice adopting the GPL means 
    3437 1. Adding a reference to the appropriate license and copyright information to each source file and each header. 
    3538 2. Distributing with the code or otherwise making available a LICENSE file and a NOTICE file.