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SDQA Meeting at IPAC June 11 2009

Final Agenda

9:00 Welcome, introduction, Logistics (Deborah)

9:15 Review of current concept for SDQA (Deborah)

9:45 Discussion on scope of SDQA task (Gregory)

  • Current scope of the system is focused on the operational need to identify data an end user might need to be warned is not nominal and by checking "current" data against the science requirements in operations. Should this be changed?
  • Clarify the boundaries between Data Quality Assessment, Pipeline Validation and Quality Assurance? For which of these is the IPAC-based SDQA team responsible?
  • What should the near term and long term goals be? What does the rest of the team want from the SDQA system now?
  • What types of metrics should be handled by this system and who should define them?
    • Some categories might include: those derived from engineering data, those derived from pipeline stages, those derived from science-level image analysis, those derived from science level catalog analysis
  • Supporting material:

11:15 Discussion of DC3b goals for SDQA (Deborah)

  • What is currently planned
    • Take existing metrics and perform relevant analyses (statistics, threshold violations, physical variation over focal plane, etc.)
    • Present the result of the analyses via interface tool.
  • What the DM team would like to see added/changed
  • Changes to the current SDQA system design (classes, etc.) and Application Framework needed support the SDQA system?
    • Derived requirements needed to expand/change these components, if necessary

12-1:15 Lunch break

1:15 Summary of current pipeline flow (Tim)

1:30 Walk through Use cases identifying relevant SDQA metrics and the type of analysis process (threshold, significance of deviation from mean, sanity check) to be performed for each. Goal is to work all the way down the list, but we will get as far as we can in the time available.

3:30 Management Session

5:00 Adjourn