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Status Report for August 15, 2009

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Summary of progress

Work activity; whether it reached associated milestones.


Bill (submitted on 8/17/2009)

David (submitted on 8/22/2009)

  • Working with Ray and Tim on DC3a final report
  • Coordinating/attending LSST DC3b scoping Meeting
  • Planning DC3b Middleware tasks/schedule
  • Preparation for Primavera training in Tucson

Greg (submitted on 8/18/2009)

  • Work on design and started proto coding for separating MPI from the generic harness
    • Testing early versions of pex_harness, pex_mpiharness
  • Worked on design for separating Stage into two classes PipelineStage, SliceStage to manage preprocess/postprocess, process respectively
  • LSST Planning Meeting

Steve (submitted on 8/17/2009)

  • Attended LSST Planning Meeting
  • Worked on design changes for Events for DC3b.
  • Worked on Orca redesign. Implemented new class structure, and integrated code from DC3a Orca into new design. Still working on this.

Ray (submitted on 8/17/2009)

  • LSST DC3b Planning:
    • with help of team, developed detailed tasks, time allocations, and resource assignments for Middleware and Build System
    • contributed to development of scaling tasks
    • participated in DC3b Scoping Meeting III
  • Edited and completed DC3a Report; document now in review.
  • participated in system architecture modeling workshop (virtually) at SLAC
  • assisted Daus and Pietrowicz with harness and orchestration modeling

LSST Corporation

Robyn (submitted on 8/13/2009)

  • Completed the acceptance test on the EA TestCaseGenerator module which extracts Integration Test scenarios from Use Case and Activity UML models.
  • Completed the reverse engineering of DC3a source into the EA Model. The new logical model will be released next week.
  • As time permits, will start revision of DC3a SDP Plans for use as DC3b SDP Plans.
  • Note: I resume my regular work schedule on 1 September.

Database Group

K-T (submitted on 8/../2009)

Andy H (submitted on 8/../2009)

Serge (submitted on 8/../2009)

Daniel (submitted on 9/16/2009)

  • Scalable queries:
    • Fixed chunk/subchunk bug
    • Updated master-worker API
    • Began updating parser grammar for near-neighbor queries.
    • Implemented object partitioner and partition map table generator
  • Attended gearman talk at OSCON
    • Discussed gearman architecture and hypothetical integration with scalable queries with Eric Day
  • SciDB:
    • Diagnosed and helped debug memory leaks in storage manager and cooking code
    • Implement early observation flushing for cooking
    • Diagnosed querytree reference bug
    • Added redundancy elimination to observation grouping.
    • Added parameterizations for cooking code.
    • Performed testing and debugging of parallel SciDB
    • Hacked mosaic-loading code.
    • Planned demo setup and running logistics.
    • Fixed other various demo issues.

Jacek (submitted on 8/17/2009)

  • note: on vacation until Aug 4
  • scalable architecture: subPartitioner (coding and performance testing)
  • dc3b planning (trac page updated)
  • SciDB
    • funding discussions (internal within slac and with potential sponsors/collaborators)
  • XLDB
    • communication with attendees
    • logistics (catering, arranging sponsors and payments)
    • agenda
    • website improvements
  • VLDB
    • trip preparation including required paperwork

Major Accomplishments

* DC3a Executive Summary presented to board

Significant breakthroughs, issues resolved.

Objectives for the Next Period

What you expect to accomplish.


Ray (submitted on 8/17/2009)

  • Work on build system targets


Database Group

Problems Encountered and Solutions Being Pursued

Budget or schedule variance, technical issues, management issues.



Database Group