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Database Group

K-T (submitted on 5/xx/2009)

Daniel (submitted on 5/xx/2009)

Serge (submitted on 5/xx/2009)

Jacek (submitted on 5/xx/2009)

  • storage estimates (FaintSource, db compression, small tables)
  • disk io estimates (discussions, telecons, meeting with Mike Huffer)
  • attended mysql conference and drizzle meeting, see debrief posted to lsst-data
  • progress with schema updates
  • prepared for DC3b planning meeting
  • standardizing names (TCT proposal)
  • organized several DataAccWG telecons
  • XLDB
    • produced draft agenda
    • reached out to different groups to find best attendees (NASA, bio and communities in Europe, European Commission)
    • compiled list of invitees
    • started paperwork required by SLAC
    • coordinating logistics (catering, funding, lodging)
  • SciDB
    • did all the SLAC-related paperwork for the SciDB NSF proposal (budget, budget justification, statement of work, current and pending support, bios, no-conflict of interest forms, and others)
    • coordinated 9 letters of support for NSF proposal from science
    • rewrote science related sections of the NSF proposal
    • started officially building scidb community, including setting up scidb-news mailing list
    • wrote/submitted SLAC LDRD SciDB proposal
    • reviewed draft mockup