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Third Party Software Proposal - ndarray

Jim Bosch (Of UC Davis) has written a C++ template-based N-dimensional array library called ndarray. I'd like to submit ndarray for use in LSST as a third party package. I would like to use this library in the development of Multifit, but it is a general use library that could have application in other packages as well.

It has a lot in common with Blitz++ and particularly boost::multi_array, which some of you may be familiar with, but it is designed to map more easily to numpy arrays in Python, it's got some nice optimizations for contiguous arrays, and it uses Eigen to do any math heavy-lifting. It also has a fairly complete set of tests, and I think it should fit in well with what already exists in the LSST DM stack, particularly in interfacing with Eigen and FFTW.

The ndarray library has no depencies on LSST software.
The library includes a set of unit test, which also serve as examples.
Jim Bosch will continue to support it, should additional work/support be needed.

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