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    Guide on Reporting Percentage Completed:

    For software development tasks:

    • use 0% if the solution is still being designed;
    • use 25% if the solution's design is completed;
    • use 50% if the solution is implemented and tested within the Ticket branch;
    • use 75% if the implementation review is complete, the Ticket branch has been merged onto the Trunk branch, and the Ticket is closed.
    • use 100% if the affected Trunk packages are tagged and released.

    For level of effort tasks, use % of effort expended rounded to nearest 5%:

    For other tasks, still use these increments, but apply their meaning as best as possible:

    • use 0% if the deliverable is still being designed;
    • use 25% if the deliverable's design is completed;
    • use 50% if the deliverable is implemented awaiting review/approval;
    • use 75% if the deliverable has been reviewed and in revision;
    • use 100% if the deliverable is approved and posted to appropriate repository.

    Note: Please place an asterisk (*) after the percent if you updated this value in this report.

    Task Start Finish Resources (lead first) % Complete Comments Last Updated
    Infrastructure Mike Freemon
    Acquire and configure new storage to replace SAN 20110131 20110425 Pietrowicz Steve[5%] 50%* System being configured at vendor 20110324
    Relocate servers from ACB to NCSA building 20110425 20110627 Gehrig David[10%] 0% waiting on facility electrical wiring to be completed, expected within 2 weeks 20110322
    Environment and Tools Ray Plante
    TCT approval for environment/tool updates 20110309 20110309 Allsman Robyn[50%] 10% Requests for such updates are received from SAT and then handled; OnVersionNumbers Policy being voted on. 201103015
    Install, configure, publish environment/tool updates 20110201 20110315 Plante Ray[25%] 25% 20110324
    Complete eups release 20110208 20110325 Plante Ray[25%] 25% 20110324
    Update environment and tools documentation 20110325 20110330 Plante Ray[50%] 0% 20110324
    Support trac, svn, systems administration 20110131 20110617 Gehrig David[15%] 33%* level-of-effort task 20110322
    ImSim Data Simon Krughoff
    Prepare and code to generate images and catalogs 20110131 20110405 Krughoff Simon[30%] 50% 20110324
    Test generation of images and catalogs 20110328 20110411 Krughoff Simon[30%] *50% 20110324
    Generate images and catalogs 20110411 20110509 Krughoff Simon[30%],Gibson Rob 0% 20110324
    Support ImSim data 20110509 20110606 Krughoff Simon[10%] 0% 20110324
    Import reference catalogs into Gator for comparison to output catalogs 20110509 20110511 Monkewitz Serge[50%] 0% 20110307
    Production-Pipeline-Stage Middleware Steve Pietrowicz
    Complete generic end-of-data stop mechanism 20110307 20110401 Daues Greg[25%],Pietrowicz Steve[10%] 100%* Tagged and released. 20110324
    Data Access Middleware and Database KT Lim PT1.2 schemas are now more readily updated as the Apps team adds information. The butler has been rewritten to be less camera-specific and more Policy-configurable. Source serialization improvements are underway. 20110323
    Butler additions/fixes 20110131 20110324 Lim KT[50%] 50% Merge postponed due to vacation, but ready 20110323
    Serialization and Persistence additions/fixes 20110214 20110325 Lim KT[50%] 25% 20110323
    Schema updates for galaxy photometry and others as needed 20110309 20110324 Becla Jacek[25%] 25%* Source table changes for S. Bickerton 20110323
    Spatial support (deploying udfs, indexes etc) 20110325 20110428 Becla Jacek[25%] 10%* Created package on launchpad 20110323
    Improve schema documentation (udfs, stored functions/procedures) 20110429 20110526 Becla Jacek[25%] 0% 20110323
    Redo db initialization (setup_perRunTables.sql etc) 20110527 20110607 Becla Jacek[25%] 10%* Schema for per-release db initialization 20110323
    ISR and CCD Assembly Simon Krughoff
    Implement more SDQA metrics for ISR 20110309 20110322 Krughoff Simon[50%] 0% 20110324
    Clean-up/re-write ISR python code 20110323 20110412 Krughoff Simon[50%] 0% 20110324
    Implement raw CCDAssembly method 20110413 20110419 Krughoff Simon[50%] 0% 20110324
    Point Source Photometry Robert Lupton
    Identify and fix zeropoint calculation error 20110131 20110309 Becker Andy[25%],Lupton Robert[25%] 75% Seems to work; I'm waiting for a suitable Tuesday Run to declare this complete 20110307
    Test aperture corrections 20110204 20110311 Lupton Robert[25%] 75% Seem to be OK to within 1% for HSC data 20110307
    PSF Estimation Robert Lupton
    Finish PSF unification 20110131 20110318 Owen Russ[20%],Jarvis Mike[80%] 25% 20110323
    Update PSF formatter 20110325 20110330 Lim KT[50%] 0% Waiting on previous task 20110307
    Debug PCA PSF code 20110131 20110401 Lupton Robert[50%] 75% 20110307
    Galaxy Photometry Jim Bosch We've implemented enough to start fairly realistic tests on galaxy fitting and optimizers, albeit with simplified PSFs. 20110323
    Finish porting external shapelet code to meas/multifit 20110131 20110405 Bosch Jim[50%] 45% Main implementation done; writing unit tests. 20110322
    Finish updates to afw to support meas/multifit 20110131 20110325 Dubcovsky Martin[50%] 70% Ready to merge to trunk; waiting in line behind other people's trunk merges. 20110322
    Implement LocalPsf? interface (with shapelets) for existing Psf classes 20110328 20110415 Dubcovsky Martin[50%],Bosch Jim[50%] 40% afw Psfs done, meas/algorithms Psfs waiting on other merges before we can make ticket branch 20110322
    R&D for optimizers, parameterizations, and inputs 20110415 20110506 Dubcovsky Martin[50%],Bosch Jim[50%] 5% Implementing iterative importance sampling optimizer. May be too slow to use in production, but should be very robust and will at least be useful in testing the performance of other optimizers. 20110322
    Implement gaussian photometry 20110131 20110310 Lupton Robert[25%] 75% On HSC-DC2 branch 20110307
    Implement Petrosian photometry 20110207 20110314 Lupton Robert[25%] 50% 20110307
    Implement Kron photometry 20110214 20110317 Lupton Robert[25%] 50% 20110307
    Fix Source class for memory bloat for Source Association 20110420 20110426 Monkewitz Serge[25%],Lupton Robert[50%] 0% 20110307
    Co-addition 20110131 20110506 Owen Russ[0%] 25% 20110323
    Pipette scripts 20110131 20110315 Owen Russ[50%] 25% 20110323
    Write outlier-rejected psf-matched co-addition 20110315 20110329 Owen Russ[50%] 25% 20110323
    Chi-squared co-addition 20110329 20110404 Owen Russ[50%] 50% 20110323
    Update co-addition to use the new afw with unified geometry classes 20110404 20110408 Owen Russ[50%] 75% 20110323
    Finish sky pixelization 20110408 20110506 Owen Russ[50%] 0% 20110323
    Templates and Difference Imaging 20110131 20110506 Becker Andy[0%] 13% 20110307
    Merge ip_diffim development ticket to trunk 20110131 20110329 Becker Andy[50%] 25% Code is basically finished, requires unit tests and documentation upgrades 20110307
    Support Psf matching for template creation 20110228 20110408 Becker Andy[50%] 25% 20110307
    Assess quality of generated templates 20110408 20110506 Becker Andy[50%] 0% 20110307
    Implement image subtraction on visit pairs 20110330 20110412 Becker Andy[50%] 0% 20110307
    Quality Assessment 20110131 20110513 Andy Becker 25% pipeQA package is established and being used for debugging of weekly runs. Catching problems both in apps quality and in middleware and package synchronizatio.n Next steps are to generate and persist actual Sdqa Metrics from this. 20110323
    Implement SDQA metrics for Source Association 20110309 20110310 Monkewitz Serge 0% 20110307
    Implement QA Pipeline package 20110131 20110419 Bickerton Steve[50%],Becker Andy[5%] 50% 20110323
    Generate automatic QA metrics on pipeline runs 20110328 20110513 Becker Andy[50%] 25% pipeQA infrastructure built and working. Not yet implemented is creation and persistence of actual SDQA Metrics 20110323
    Build and Test Robyn Allsman Automatic Standards Checking is still on hold. Parasoft determined that CPPTEST is no longer handling C++ templates correctly; they are working on the issue. 20110322
    Install and integrate new Parasoft release 20110131 20110311 Allsman Robyn[50%] 50%* Parasoft CPPTEST v9.0 failing due to missing Eigen template instantiations. Same eigen access worked in previous CPPTest version. Parasoft took entire release for debug and determined it's their problem. 20110315
    Buildbot development for pipette 20110311 20110318 Allsman Robyn[50%] 0% Waiting for pipette release 20110315
    Incorporate standards into buildbot trunk validation 20110318 20110603 Allsman Robyn[25%] 0% Blocked on CPPTEST failure. 20110315
    Maintain buildbot integration and test 20110131 20110617 Allsman Robyn[25%] 27% Installed new nightly test of compile/load sequence for Trunk vs Trunk (no Tests); now attempting to speed up the process since the full stack build takes hours. 20110315
    Production Runs Greg Daues
    Migrate processing from abe to new platform 20110225 20110408 Plante Ray[10%],Daues Greg[10%] 50% Debugging Condor-G job submissions against GRAM5 gatekeepers on TACC machines Lonestar4, Ranger
    A test Condor-G job submission to Lonestar4/gt5 has succeeded (initial test outside of LSST framework)
    Set up weekly runs 20110131 20110322 Daues Greg[50%] 50% 20110307
    Weekly runs 20110323 20110510 Daues Greg[5%] 50%* Scripts for executing weekly runs with tagged and trunkVsTrunk stacks have been checked into datarel trunk
    bootstrap script for use by buildbot ready for testing
    Production debug/practice runs 20110420 20110510 Daues Greg[20%] 0% 20110307
    Full Production runs 20110511 20110628 Daues Greg[50%] 0% 20110307
    User Support Dick Shaw Wiki page created to collect DCH errata; analysis info being collected on User Forum. User HelpDesk? traffic has been light, with roughly a dozen queries in 3 months.
    Update Data Challenge Handbook 20110131 20110421 Shaw Dick[50%] 10% Interim update to DC3b/PT1.1 planned for mid-April to include quality analysis; another update to document PT1.2 processing run is planned for 30 June. 20110321
    Update DM User Support 20110421 20110526 Shaw Dick[50%] 5%* Improved automation for User questions and issue tracking: No improvements needed for PT1.1, but improved tracking may be needed for the June 2011 release. 20110321
    Configure/tune catalogs 20110526 20110609 Becla Jacek[10%] 0% 20110307
    Data Analysis Tim Axelrod
    DM Scientist/Engineer? data analysis 20110420 20110628 Axelrod Tim[50%],Lupton Robert[50%],Bosch Jim[50%],Becker Andy[50%],Van Dyk Schuyler[25%],Shaw Dick[50%] 0% 20110307
    Science Collaboration data analysis 20110609 20110721 Science Collaboration 0% 20110307
    Data analysis report in handbook 20110721 20110804 Axelrod Tim[50%],Lupton Robert[25%],Bosch Jim[50%],Becker Andy[50%],Van Dyk Schuyler[25%],Shaw Dick[50%],Science Collaboration 0% 20110307