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OOrb Addition to Third-Party Packages

MOPS requires both the determination of orbits from DIASources (DayMOPS) and the generation of ephemeris points from orbits (precovery for DayMOPS, NightMOPS, SDQA for DayMOPS). Previously, the PS-MOPS and LSST-NightMOPS have used the JPL libraries, which are closed source, have strict distribution limitations, and are available to us only in binary form.

As part of DC3b, it was planned to migrate to OOrb (formerly OpenOrb), an open-source (GPL v3) orbit determination and ephemeris generation project developed by Mikael Granvik:

LSST-DayMOPS already uses the new OOrb code, but OOrb has not been added to the third-party packages blessed by LSST.