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  • Proposal: Remove DataProperty related functionality from SupportFactory; make it self-contained within DataProperty.
  • Advocate: KTL

At the DC2 review, it was generally agreed that the DataProperty class should be a lightweight, self-contained manager of key/value pairs, suitable for use in many locations throughout the DMS code. In DC2, this goal was almost maintained, with one exception. The SupportFactory class, designed to annotate complex LSST data objects with metadata such as security and provenance information, was used to provide two utility functions related to DataProperty: createLeafProperty() and createPropertyNode(), of which the latter was the only mechanism for generating a DataProperty that could contain subsidiary DataPropertys. Accordingly, in conjunction with investigating the reconciliation of DataProperty with Policy, there seemed to be general agreement that the SupportFactory functionality related to DataProperty should be removed (and placed within DataProperty itself), while the class should remain for use with LsstData and LsstBase objects.

Making this change while the DC2 to DMS/DC3 transition is underway enables us to keep SupportFactory in the daf/data package where it belongs. Unfortunately, it also breaks a substantial amount of code that uses SupportFactory to create DataProperty root nodes. Such code would have to be rewritten to use a DataProperty method (a new constructor or a static method).

There is an alternative, made possible only because the DataProperty functionality is the only functionality currently located within SupportFactory. That alternate plan would be to move SupportFactory temporarily into the daf/base package, along with DataProperty, postponing the code updates until after the transition is complete.

Comment by robyn on Sun 30 Mar 2008 10:07:46 AM CDT

I agree that DataProperty? dependency on SupportFactory? should be removed.

With respect to the timing of implementing the full change:

  • All files previously accessing mwi/data need to be reviewed to determine if the new version needs daf/base and:or daf/data.
  • A single method is being moved from mwi/data/SupportFactory to mwi/data/DataProperty

Since each file is being examined anyway, I suggest the move of the single function from SupportFactory? to DataProperty? be done during the reorganization instead of temporarily moving the entire SupportFactory? class - which would necessitate a second later pass over the ~73 files affected during both moves.

Comment by anonymous on Sun 30 Mar 2008 01:29:32 PM CDT

Do we still want to inherit from Citizen? My feeling is yes, as it enables leak detection. If we use shared_ptr properly this shouldn't be an issue, but it'd make me feel safer. We can of course gut Citizen (maybe with a compile-time switch analogous to NDEBUG) or remove it from DataProperty later.

Comment by anonymous on Sun 30 Mar 2008 02:37:37 PM CDT

Just to provide some additional context, the original DC2 domain model explicitly EXCLUDED DataProperty from using SupportFactory in order to keep it more lightweight. This was always the intent.

While no longer part of the CCB, I strongly agree with this change.

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