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Monthly Reports

This page contains links to the trac input pages for monthly reports. The actual reports are in the project document archive (docushare) collection-221. In that archive are two kinds of reports:

  • Extended Reports (include all content from the input pages identified by person/institution, so audit requirements can be met)
  • Summary Reports (extracted from the Extended Reports for the DM Project Manager's report to senior management and the LSSTC board)

Each of these reports may be viewed by navigating to the the link in docushare and selecting the action (blue down arrow) to view as HTML or PDF.

Listing of the Winter 2012 Release monthly report input pages:

Listing of the DC3b Performance Test 1.1 and 1.2, Mgt/SE Team monthly report input pages:

  • September, 2011: MSE

Note: PT 1.3 aka Winter12 status will be handled via trac tickets status and summarized in PMCS. After September, MSE will be planned/statused in PMCS.

Reports prior to recombining Apps, MW/Inf

Reports prior to adding Management/System? Engineering

Reports prior to Apps, MW/Inf split