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Updated KTL and GPDF tasks.

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Previous month PT1.2 - Mgt/SE

Next month : Winter12 status reporting will be done via trac tickets, and MSE will be planned and statused via PMCS starting in October, 2011

Note: Please place an asterisk (*) after the percent if you updated this value in this report. Also, please update the "Last Updated" column even if the % complete hasn't changed; that way we'll know that the figure represents the most current information.

Note: Critical? refers to level of need for Preliminary Design Review: XX = Must complete, X = Valuable to complete but already good enough, Blank = Nice to have.

Task Critical? Start Finish Resources (lead first) % Complete Comments Last Updated
Pipeline Execution Middleware Scaling Tests KT Lim, Ray Plante Some numbers were captured during PT1.2 runs and should be included in the report. Dedicated scaling tests are anticipated for later in Winter2012.
Define scaling tests 20110222 20110606 Plante Ray[5%] 50% 20110426
Create benchmark stage implementations and pipeline configurations 20110606 20110627 Daues Greg[25%] 0% 20110426
Execute scaling tests, analzye, report results 20110627 20110718 Daues Greg[25%] 0% 20110426
MOPS Analyses Tim Axelrod
Complete analysis of runs of FindTracklets/LinkTracklets and OrbFit driven by simulated DIASources 20081010 20110613 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 75% 20110922
Estimate amount of CPU required for LSST MOPS 20101108 20110615 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 75% 20110922
Prototype key algorithms in MOPS design 20101206 20110706 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 75%* 20110922
Determine requirements for FutureMOPS that will satisfy solar system science requirements as sketched out in SRD 20110117 20110713 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 50% 20110922
Update Structure Model K-T Lim
Create DM internal ICD N2 diagram 20111017 20111107 Lim K-T[50%] 0% I think I saw an early draft of this, but I'll probably need to start almost from scratch 20110922
Update Structure Model - FRS traceability 2011???? 2011???? Lim, K-T[50%] 0% I may put this off until Gregory comes back 20110922
Prepare ICDs K-T Lim, Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
DM-CCS 20110103 20111024 Lim K-T[25%],Marshall Stuart[25%] 50% I've taken this over and will complete it for the camera CD-1 review 20110922
DM-TCS 20110309 20110630 Sebag Jacques[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 50% 20110922
DM-OCS 20110317 20110708 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Schumacher German[50%] 50% 20110922
DM-EPO 20110602 20110616 Jacoby Suzanne[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%] 50% 20110922
DM-sites 20110516 20110621 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Lambert Ron[50%],Barr Jeff[50%] 50% 20110922
Update App and MW Reference Design for DC3a, DC3b PT1, PT1.1 K-T Lim The UML was substantially improved for PDR, but additional changes to it and to the WBS would be desirable
Update reference design - structure model traceability 20110617 20110621 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Kantor Jeff[25%],Allsman Robyn[50%],Lim KT[25%],Plante Ray[25%] 0% 20110922
Requirements and Design for Science User Interface Schuyler Van Dyk
Integrate into FRS and prepare system requirements change requests to integrate 20110609 20110622 Van Dyk Schuyler[5%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Levine Deborah[5%] 0% 20110920
Create sample use cases, domain model 20110706 20110707 Levine Deborah[50%],Rosenberg Doug [25%] 25%* 20110920
Collate existing (best-of-breed) technology options with requirements 20110418 20110622 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%],Levine Deborah[50%] 50%* 20110920
Review with SAT, update and re-baseline 20110623 20110706 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Lim K-T[50%],Levine Deborah[50%] 0% 20110920
DM Test Plans Robyn Allsman No Change 20110920
Draft DM Unit Test documents 20100930 20110707 Allsman Robyn[25%] 50% Updated SDP's DM V&V section to include test implementation responsibility during DC and Construction. NOT YET APPROVED by TCT/SAT/etc. 20110520
Draft DM Integration Test documents 20101014 20110714 Allsman Robyn[25%] 50% Draft is outlined and 75% fleshed out. 20110520
Draft DM System Test documents 20110715 20110719 Allsman Robyn[35%] 0% 20110520
Draft DM Acceptance Test documents X 20110720 20110726 Allsman Robyn[25%] 0% 20110520
Generate Integration Test Cases from DM Ref Design Use Cases/Activities? 20110519 20110728 Allsman Robyn[50%] 75% 20110520
Create Performance System Test Cases from DM Subsystem Requirements Constraint Blocks 20110728 20110804 Allsman Robyn[50%] 0% 20110520
Generate Functional Acceptance Test Cases from DM Subsystem Requirements 20110804 20110811 Allsman Robyn[50%] 0% 20110520

Other Activity