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Note: Please place an asterisk (*) after the percent if you updated this value in this report. Also, please update the "Last Updated" column even if the % complete hasn't changed; that way we'll know that the figure represents the most current information.

Note: Critical? refers to level of need for Preliminary Design Review: XX = Must complete, X = Valuable to complete but already good enough, Blank = Nice to have.

Task Critical? Start Finish Resources (lead first) % Complete Comments Last Updated
Database and Data Access Analyses Jacek Becla Have all the key tasks for pdr done, working on documentation
Scalability tests phase III (up to 250 nodes) XX 20110303 20110607 Becla Jacek[10%],Wang Daniel[75%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 80% Documentation almost ready 20110620
Stand-alone MyQL scalability/performance tests X 20050901 20110627 Becla Jacek[5%] 100%* 20110620
SSD Database Tests 20100802 20110603 Becla Jacek 95% Still need to finalize the summary document 20110517
Improve trac db documentation for PDR X 20090902 20110613 Becla Jacek[10%] 60% 20110620
Write design document for PDR XX 20110614 20110711 Becla Jacek[5%],Lim KT[5%],Hanushevsky Andy[20%] 75%* 20110620
Pipeline Execution Middleware Scaling Tests KT Lim, Ray Plante
Define scaling tests 20110222 20110606 Plante Ray[5%] 50% 20110426
Create benchmark stage implementations and pipeline configurations 20110606 20110627 Daues Greg[25%] 0% 20110426
Execute scaling tests, analzye, report results 20110627 20110718 Daues Greg[25%] 0% 20110426
Pipeline Execution Monitoring Visualization Tool Ray Plante
Design/acquire/review pipeline processing visualization tool 20110301 20110617 Plante Ray[5%],Pietrowicz Steve[25%] 75%* 20110614
Implement pipeline processing visualization tool 20110322 20110628 Pietrowicz Steve[75%] 75%* Feedback implemented 20110614
Demonstrate rescheduling of failed processing 20110222 20110628 Pietrowicz Steve[75%] 75%* Show in pipeline movie and in conference calls 20110614
Create simulated worker failure mechanism 20110301 20110613 Pietrowicz Steve[50%] 75%* 20110614
Enable detection of failure and mapping to job 20110315 20110617 Pietrowicz Steve[75%] 75%* 20110614
Enable rescheduling of failed job 20110322 20110628 Pietrowicz Steve[75%] 75%* 20110614
MOPS Analyses Tim Axelrod
Complete analysis of runs of FindTracklets/LinkTracklets and OrbFit driven by simulated DIASources 20081010 20110613 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 75% Determined that the number of false tracks returned by LinkTracklets can be reduced by several orders of magnitude by use of a cut on prob(chisq) for the fit of the coordinates to quadratics on the sky. Significant numbers of true tracks are eliminated by 20110425
Estimate amount of CPU required for LSST MOPS 20101108 20110615 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 75% 20110520
Prototype key algorithms in MOPS design 20101206 20110706 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 50% 20110520
Determine requirements for FutureMOPS that will satisfy solar system science requirements as sketched out in SRD 20110117 20110713 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 50% 20110425
Write up results for PDR XX 20110714 20110727 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 0%
Complete DM content in LSR and OSS Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Update star and galaxy counts 20100908 20110606 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 75% Ivezic/Juric? analysis has been refreshed, they are awaiting one further specific question formulation from gpdf. Previous values were brought forward for the CCB action on the OSS. An update will be rolled into the expected OSS revision for the DQ require 20110531
Extract values for Data Quality Requirements XX 20101020 20110606 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 75% On hold awaiting results from the Tyson committee. 20110531
Capture network requirements in SysML model XX 20110602 20110602 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 0% 20110425
Capture cyber-security requirements in SysML model XX 20110603 20110609 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 0% 20110425
Support establishment of traceability between LSR and OSS 20100901 20110630 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[15%] 53% Isolated improvements to traceability in conjunction with additions 20110425
Establish bounding requirements in SysML for MOPS XX 20101206 20110622 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 50% Was awaiting analysis from Tim which is apparently nearly complete now. 20110425
Revise DM-FRS Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Flow down OSS requirements to FRS (aka DMSR) and revise FRS accordingly XX 20110602 20110608 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 0%
Restate existing quantitative requirements as constraint blocks 20110418 20110609 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 75% Needs final review. 20110531
Establish traceability of FRS to OSS (or elsewhere) 20110630 20110711 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 0% Isolated improvements to traceability in conjunction with additions 20101020
Review traceability with Tim and Chuck, clean up 20110711 20110714 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Axelrod Tim[50%] 0%
Update Structure Model Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Update Structure Model to match revised WBS 20110418 20110602 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 50% Needs to be updated for MREFC-resubmission WBS. 20110531
Create DM internal ICD N2 diagram 20110603 20110603 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 0%
Update Structure Model - FRS traceability 20110711 20110713 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 0%
Prepare ICDs Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
DM-CCS X 20110103 20110627 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Marshall Stuart[25%] 33% 20110325
DM-TCS X 20110309 20110630 Sebag Jacques[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 40% 20110325
DM-OCS X 20110317 20110708 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Schumacher German[50%] 40% Need to present to DM and OCS groups 20110325
DM-EPO X 20110602 20110616 Jacoby Suzanne[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%] 0% DM-EPO session held at AHM; significant progress in engaging larger EPO group in understanding what we need; regular DM-EPO contact initiated 20110325
DM-sites X 20110516 20110621 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Lambert Ron[50%],Barr Jeff[50%] 50% 20110325
DM - VAO 20110225 20110721 Plante Ray[5%] 50% Draft MOU as basis for interface requirements. 20110520
Update App and MW Reference Design for DC3a, DC3b PT1, PT1.1 Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Develop Performance Budgets, Timing/Sequence? Diagrams for Alert and Data Release steady state 20101014 20110616 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Lim KT[75%] 50%* Diagrams developed and quantities used in models but still need to be reviewed 20110621
Update reference design - structure model traceability 20110617 20110621 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Kantor Jeff[25%],Allsman Robyn[50%],Lim KT[25%],Plante Ray[25%] 0% 20110621
Update Applications UML, documentation 20110617 20110621 Allsman Robyn[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Shaw Dick[25%],Lim KT[25%],Becker Andy[25%],Bickerton Steve[25%],Bosch Jim[25%],Krughoff Simon[25%],Lupton Robert[25%],Owen Russell[25%], 0% 20110621
Develop Apps sheet of DM Roadmap 20101125 20110609 Axelrod Tim[10%],Allsman Robyn[10%] 75% App Status sheet developed, need more functional descriptions from Apps team, do in parallel with UML update. 20110520
Update Infrastructure Reference Design XX Mike Freemon 26 infrastructure-related documents identified for PDR. Due dates established. Owners identified. Critical path item is the Document-6284, the cost sheet, which is in-progress. 20110621
Update Mountain/Base? Network Design XX 20101022 20110608 Lambert Ron[20%] 50% 20110520
Update Long-Haul Network Acquisition Plans 20101022 20110606 Lambert Ron[5%],Kantor Jeff[5%] 25% 20010520
Update Infrastructure Power, Cooling, Floor Space XX 20110606 20110615 Lambert Ron[10%],Freemon Mike[10%] 0% 20010520
Update Infrastructure Trends Document with our position (e.g. SSD, GPU, Advanced Processor Architecture, Virtual Shared Memory) XX 20110616 20110713 Freemon Mike[20%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%],Lim KT[20%] 0% In-progress 20110621
Update Computing, Storage Reference Design Documentation XX 20110714 20110810 Freemon Mike[20%] 0% 20010520
Requirements and Design for Science User Interface Schuyler Van Dyk
Review with SST, update and re-baseline 20110502 20110608 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%],Levine Deborah[50%] 100% Reviewed, revision sent 20110623
Integrate into FRS and prepare system requirements change requests to integrate XX 20110609 20110622 Van Dyk Schuyler[5%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Levine Deborah[5%] 0% Not done yet 20110623
Create SUI architecture document 20050901 20110628 Van Dyk Schuyler[5%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Levine Deborah[5%] 75% under review 20110623
Create sample use cases, domain model 20110706 20110707 Levine Deborah[50%],Rosenberg Doug [25%] 0% TBD 7/6 20110623
Collate existing (best-of-breed) technology options with requirements 20110418 20110622 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%],Levine Deborah[50%] 50% in progress 20110623
Review with SAT, update and re-baseline 20110623 20110706 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Levine Deborah[50%] 0% 20110623
Update SUI WBS 20110707 20110711 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Kantor Jeff[50%] 0% 20110623
DM Test Plans Robyn Allsman
Draft DM Unit Test documents 20100930 20110707 Allsman Robyn[25%] 50% Updated SDP's DM V&V section to include test implementation responsibility during DC and Construction. NOT YET APPROVED by TCT/SAT/etc. 20110520
Draft DM Integration Test documents 20101014 20110714 Allsman Robyn[25%] 50% Draft is outlined and 75% fleshed out. 20110520
Draft DM System Test documents 20110715 20110719 Allsman Robyn[35%] 0% 20110520
Draft DM Acceptance Test documents X 20110720 20110726 Allsman Robyn[25%] 0% 20110520
Generate Integration Test Cases from DM Ref Design Use Cases/Activities? 20110519 20110728 Allsman Robyn[50%] 75% 20110520
Create Performance System Test Cases from DM Subsystem Requirements Constraint Blocks 20110728 20110804 Allsman Robyn[50%] 0% 20110520
Generate Functional Acceptance Test Cases from DM Subsystem Requirements 20110804 20110811 Allsman Robyn[50%] 0% 20110520
Update DM Sizing Model XX Mike Freemon In-progress (see above for additional details) 20110621
Update Science workbook and explanation document 20110228 20110606 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[10%],Axelrod Tim[10%] 50% Numbers and basic requirements updated in expectation of reorganization, final object counts. 20110325
Update Technology Trends workbook and explanation document XX 20110602 20110608 Freemon Mike[20%] 0% In-progress (see above for additional details) 20110621
Consolidate and update Computing workbook and explanation document 20110222 20110606 Lim KT[20%] 75%* Workbook ready for internal review; document in progress 20110621
Consolidate and update I/O and Storage workbook and explanation document 20110222 20110602 Lim KT[10%],Becla Jacek[10%],Axelrod Tim[10%] 80% Consolidation complete; restructuring mostly done. Please note: a lot more work has been done than originally planned - the model has been completely redone, it is much better, and more detailed. 20110516
Update Network workbook and explanation document, integrate into sizing model sheets 20110222 20110603 Lambert Ron[20%],Kantor Jeff[10%] 71% Updated with REUNA being paid in MREFC phase. In discussion with AmLight? for similar for SCL - MIA. 20110520
Complete DM Inputs to Risk Management, System Integration, Commissioning, and Operations Plans Jeff Kantor
Update DM parts of LSST System Integration Test Plan X 20101022 20110615 Allsman Robyn[30%],Freemon Mike[10%],Kantor Jeff[5%] 0% 20110421
Contribute DM sections to LSST Commissioning, I&T, and Operations Plans X 20100416 20110629 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%],Kantor Jeff[10%],Allsman Robyn[20%],Axelrod Tim[20%],Plante Ray[20%],Freemon Mike[20%]] 50% 20110520
Contribute DM sections to LSST Risk Management Plan and register XX 20100416 20110608 Kantor Jeff[10%],Allsman Robyn[20%],Axelrod Tim[20%],Plante Ray[20%],Freemon Mike[20%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%] 50% 20110520
Update/Get? MOUs with resource support/commitment from DM partners: NCSA XX 20110602 20110629 Kantor Jeff[5%],Freemon Mike[5%] 0% 20110421
System Architecture Team Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
Routine SAT operations/design reviews 20100409 20110602 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[0%] 0%
Vacations 1st half June 20110601 20110615 Freemon Mike[50%] 0%
Vacations 2nd half June 20110616 20110630 Axelrod Tim[50%],Allsman Robyn[80%] 0%
Vacations 1st half July 20110701 20110715 Plante Ray[20%] 0%
Vacations 2nd half July 20110718 20110801 Freemon Mike[50%] 0%
Vacations 1st half August 20110802 20110816 0%
Vacations 2nd half August 20110817 20110831 0%
Vacations 1st half September 20110901 20110915 0%
Vacations 2nd half September 20110916 20110930 0%
PDR material preparation Jeff Kantor
Ensure all documents in docushare updated XX 20110728 20110802 Kantor Jeff[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Plante Ray[25%],Freemon Mike[25%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Allsman Robyn[25%],Becla Jacek[25%],Lim KT[25%] 0% 20110421
Update PMCS II DM FDP project 20110728 20110803 Kantor Jeff[5%],Claver Chuck[5%],Jacoby Suzanne[5%],Krabbendam Victor[5%],Kurita Nadine[5%] 0% 20110421
Create PDR presentations XX 20110728 20110802 Kantor Jeff[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Plante Ray[25%],Freemon Mike[25%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Allsman Robyn[25%],Becla Jacek[25%],Lim KT[25%],Van Dyk Schuyler[25%] 0% 20110421
Conduct Director's Review XX 20110719 20110721 Kantor Jeff[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Plante Ray[25%],Freemon Mike[25%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Allsman Robyn[25%],Becla Jacek[25%],Lim KT[25%],Van Dyk Schuyler[25%] 0%
Update DM Presentations XX 20110728 20110818 Kantor Jeff[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Plante Ray[25%],Freemon Mike[25%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Allsman Robyn[25%],Becla Jacek[25%],Lim KT[25%] 0% 20110421
Dry Run DM Presentations XX 20110819 20110825 Kantor Jeff[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Plante Ray[25%],Freemon Mike[25%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Allsman Robyn[25%],Becla Jacek[25%],Lim KT[25%],Van Dyk Schuyler[25%] 0% 20110421
Conduct PDR XX 20110826 20110901 Kantor Jeff[80%],Axelrod Tim[80%],Van Dyk Schuyler[80%],Plante Ray[80%],Freemon Mike[80%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[80%],Allsman Robyn[80%],Becla Jacek[80%],Lim KT[80%] 0% 20110421

Other Activity