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Note: Please place an asterisk (*) after the percent if you updated this value in this report. Also, please update the "Last Updated" column even if the % complete hasn't changed; that way we'll know that the figure represents the most current information.

Task Start Finish Resources (lead first) % Complete Comments Last Updated
Database and Data Access Analyses Becla Jacek Successful 150-node scaling qserv tests. Building/improving spreadsheet-based models. Started running various standalone mysql scalability/performance tests (to follow up on issues uncovered by the large scale tests) 20110517
Scalability tests phase III (up to 250 nodes) 20110303 20110503 Becla Jacek[10%],Wang Daniel[75%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 80%* Successfully run the tests on 150 nodes, need to document. 20110516
Standalone MySQL scalability/performance tests 20110512 20110630 Becla Jacek [5%] 10%* Started running various standalone mysql scalability/performance tests (to follow up on issues uncovered by the large scale tests) 20110517
SSD Database Tests 20100802 20110419 Becla Jacek 95% Still need to finalize the summary document (spreadsheets got higher priority...) 20110516
Improve trac db documentation for PDR 20090902 20110427 Becla Jacek[10%] 60% 20110516
Write design document for PDR 20110428 20110525 Becla Jacek[5%],Lim KT[5%],Hanushevsky Andy[20%] 0% 20110516
Pipeline Middleware Analyses 20110222 20110601 Lim KT[0%],Plante Ray[0%] Summary task, see details below
Pipeline Execution Middleware Scaling Tests 20110222 20110601 Lim KT[0%],Plante Ray[0%]
Define scaling tests 20110222 20110420 Plante Ray[5%] 50% 20110426
Create benchmark stage implementations and pipeline configurations 20110420 20110511 Daues Greg[25%] 0% 20110426
Execute scaling tests, analzye, report results 20110511 20110601 Daues Greg[25%] 0% 20110426
Pipeline Execution Monitoring Visualization Tool 20110222 20110512 Plante Ray The pipeline processing visualization tool that tracks the progress of each CCD through the pipelines and shows the processing status was updated to include run statistics showing % of work remaining/complete. 20110520
Design/acquire/review pipeline processing visualization tool 20110301 20110503 Plante Ray[5%],Pietrowicz Steve[25%] 25% Design implemented and show in conference call 20110517
Implement pipeline processing visualization tool 20110322 20110512 Pietrowicz Steve[75%] 25% Implemented tool - adding features based on feedback 20110517
Demonstrate rescheduling of failed processing 20110222 20110512 20110517
Create simulated worker failure mechanism 20110301 20110427 Pietrowicz Steve[50%] 25% 20110517
Enable detection of failure and mapping to job 20110315 20110503 Pietrowicz Steve[75%] 25% 20110517
Enable rescheduling of failed job 20110322 20110512 Pietrowicz Steve[75%] 25% Jobs being rescheduled based on value based in policy 20110517
MOPS Analyses Axelrod Tim The Moving Object team completed find/linkTracklets scaling tests at various densities of solar system model, one set of scaling tests with half-density, and varying densities of "noise points", and initial tests of parallel subset track removal for massive data sets. The tests show that runtimes scale cubically with density of real solar system objects. This means that for most fields, full-density runtimes are reasonable, and after chi-squared probability filtering the volume of tracks output is manageable. After the filtering noise density has minimal impact on the number of tracks output or objects found; so the addition of noise increases runtimes but not enough to be a major concern at reasonable densities. We will continue to evaluate additional algorithms for the most dense fields. 20110520
Complete analysis of runs of FindTracklets/LinkTracklets? and OrbFit? driven by simulated DIASources 20081010 20110427 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 75% 20110425
Estimate amount of CPU required for LSST MOPS 20101108 20110502 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 75%* Completed find/linkTracklets scaling tests at various densities of solar system model and one set of scaling tests with half-density SSM and varying densities of "noise" points. Results show linkTracklets runtimes scale cubically with density of real SSM, but at full-density runtimes are reasonable and after chi squared probability filtering the volume of tracks output looks manageable. The addition of noise appears to significantly increase linkTracklets runtimes but not enough to be a major concern at reasonable densities; after the chi squared prob filtering noise density has minimal impact on the number of tracks output or objects found. 20110520
Prototype key algorithms in MOPS design 20101206 20110523 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 50% Initial tests of parallel subset track removal for massive data sets completed at SDSC. Regarding the parallel subset removal, it looks like the algorithm parallelizes very well and vSMP architectures can handle the data volume nicely. 20110520
Determine requirements for FutureMOPS that will satisfy solar system science requirements as sketched out in SRD 20110117 20110530 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 50% 20110425
Complete DM content in LSR and OSS Dubois-Felsmann Gregory LSR and OSS are under change control 20110531
Update star and galaxy counts 20100908 20110420 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 75%* Ivezic/Juric? analysis has been refreshed, they are awaiting one further specific question formulation from gpdf. Previous values were brought forward for the CCB action on the OSS. An update will be rolled into the expected OSS revision for the DQ requirements. 20110531
Extract values for Data Quality Requirements 20101020 20110420 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 75% On hold awaiting results from the Tyson committee. 20110531
Review OSS to place under change control 20110316 20110426 Kantor Jeff[5%],Axelrod Tim[5%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%],Allsman Robyn[5%],Plante Ray[5%],Lupton Robert[5%],Becla Jacek[5%],Lambert Ron[5%],Lim KT[5%],Freemon Mike[5%],Connolly Andy[5%],Bosch Jim[5%] 100%* 20110531
Capture network requirements in SysML model 20110427 20110427 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 0% 20110425
Capture cyber-security requirements in SysML model 20110428 20110504 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 0% 20110425
Support establishment of traceability between LSR and OSS 20100901 20110525 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[15%] 53% Isolated improvements to traceability in conjunction with additions 20110425
Establish bounding requirements in SysML for MOPS 20101206 20110509 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 50% Was awaiting analysis from Tim which is apparently nearly complete now. 20110425
Revise DM-FRS Dubois-Felsmann Gregory (Structure of tasks here probably needs revision.)
Restate existing quantitative requirements as constraint blocks 20110418 20110419 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 75%* Needs final review. 20110531
Update Structure Model Dubois-Felsmann Gregory
Update Structure Model to match revised WBS 20110418 20110419 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 50%* Needs to be updated to post-MREFC-resubmission WBS. 20110531
Update Structure Model - FRS traceability 20110509 20110510 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 0%
Create DM internal ICD N2 diagram 20110420 20110420 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 0%
Update LSR/OSS/FRS traceability Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[0%]
Establish traceability of FRS to OSS (or elsewhere) 20110502 20110506 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 0% Isolated improvements to traceability in conjunction with additions 20101020
Review traceability with Tim and Chuck, clean up 20110511 20110513 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Axelrod Tim[50%] 0%
Prepare ICDs Dubois-Felsmann Gregory
DM-CCS 20110103 20110512 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Marshall Stuart[25%] 33% 20110325
DM-TCS 20110309 20110517 Sebag Jacques[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 40% 20110325
Camera CoDR report review 20110517 20110524 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory 0% 20110325
DM-OCS 20110317 20110601 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Schumacher German[50%] 40% Need to present to DM and OCS groups 20110325
DM-EPO 20110502 20110516 Jacoby Suzanne[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%] 0% DM-EPO session held at AHM; significant progress in engaging larger EPO group in understanding what we need; regular DM-EPO contact initiated 20110325
DM-sites 20110516 20110523 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Lambert Ron[50%],Barr Jeff[50%] 50% 20110325
DM - VAO 20110225 20110607 Plante Ray[5%] 50% LSST-VAO meeting 3/26; VOEvent particp. 20110426
Update App and MW Reference Design for DC3a, DC3b PT1, PT1.1 Allsman Robyn 25% No change in status. 20110519
Develop Performance Budgets, Timing/Sequence? Diagrams for Alert and Data Release steady state 20101014 20110427 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Lim KT[75%] 50% Diagrams developed but quantities need to be reviewed 20110325
Update reference design - structure model traceability 20110428 20110502 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Kantor Jeff[25%],Allsman Robyn[50%],Lim KT[25%],Plante Ray[25%] 0% 20110325
Update Infrastructure Reference Design Freemon Mike Reference design diagram substantially complete, although minor revisions remain. Operation Plan B scenarios costed. Cost sheet updates reflecting the new baseline are next up. SteveP will be assisting on this task starting June 1. 20110520
Update Mountain/Base? Network Design 20101022 20110422 Lambert Ron[20%] 50% At meetings with the Chilean national (REUNA) and international (AmLight?) research network institutions that will be providing the Base to Archive networks for LSST during operations, we created a plan to upgrade the bandwidth available on these links by 4 times on average, and 8 times peak, for a very modest change in total life cycle cost. This change would provide 10 Gbps daytime, 40 Gpbs nighttime, and 80 Gbps burst capacity and move approximately $15M from operations to construction. Not only does this permit a higher reliability of transfer in the current model, but also enables new operational models for data transfer and alert generation. 20110520
Update Long-Haul Network Acquisition Plans 20101022 20110420 Lambert Ron[5%],Kantor Jeff[5%] 75% Updated to show increase to 10-40 - 80 Gbps in last year of commissioing and pay for LS - SCL - MIA infrastructure build up in MREFC. 20110520
Update Infrastructure Power, Cooling, Floor Space 20110420 20110429 Lambert Ron[10%],Freemon Mike[10%] 0% 20110422
Update Infrastructure Trends Document with our position (e.g. SSD, GPU, Advanced Processor Architecture, Virtual Shared Memory) 20110502 20110527 Freemon Mike[20%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%],Lim KT[20%] 0% 20110520
Update Computing, Storage Reference Design Documentation 20110530 20110624 Freemon Mike[20%] 0% Reference design diagram substantially complete, although minor revisions remain. 20110520
Enterprise Architect Customizations Dubois-Felsmann Gregory
Requirements and Design for Science User Interface Van Dyk Schuyler The Science Steering Team and the Science Collaborations UI Focus Group reviewed the draft Science User Interface requirements. Once the review issues are resolved, these requirements will be incorporated into the SysML requirements to be baselined for PDR, addressing a significant open area in the DM requirements. 20110520
Review with SST, update and re-baseline 20110502 20110513 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%],Levine Deborah[50%] 50% Draft distributed and review comments collected. 20110520
Integrate into FRS and prepare system requirements change requests to integrate 20110516 20110527 Van Dyk Schuyler[5%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Levine Deborah[5%] 0% 20110520
Collate existing (best-of-breed) technology options with requirements 20110418 20110513 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%],Levine Deborah[50%] 75% 20110520
Review with SAT, update and re-baseline 20110516 20110527 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Levine Deborah[50%] 0% 20110520
Update SUI WBS 20110530 20110601 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Kantor Jeff[50%] 0% 20110520
Develop Apps Roadmap and Data Quality Plan Axelrod Tim The DM Project Manager has secured an agreement in principle for the Dark Energy Survey to share their science collaboration acceptance tests and data quality metrics with LSST. This would address the remaining significant open area of requirements. 20110520
Develop Apps sheet of DM Roadmap 20101125 20110425 Axelrod Tim[10%],Allsman Robyn[10%] 77% App Status sheet developed, need more functional descriptions from Apps team 20110421
DM Test Plans Allsman Robyn 0%* The DM integration test documents are coming together. The protocol to derive the tests from the FRS (both performance and functional) is still being developed. 20110520
Draft DM Unit Test documents 20100930 20110422 Allsman Robyn[25%] 50% Updated SDP's DM V&V section to include test implementation responsibility during DC and Construction. NOT YET APPROVED by TCT/SAT/etc. 20110421
Draft DM Integration Test documents 20101014 20110429 Allsman Robyn[25%] 50% Draft is outlined and 75% fleshed out. 20110421
Draft DM System Test documents 20110502 20110504 Allsman Robyn[35%] 0% 20110520
Draft DM Acceptance Test documents 20110505 20110518 Allsman Robyn[25%] 0% 20110520
Generate Integration Test Cases from DM Ref Design Use Cases/Activities? 20110519 20110525 Allsman Robyn[50%] 75%* EA LSSTools was used to generate the testcase text based on the UseCase? and Activity UML definitions. Final formatting of the text is required. 20110520
Create Performance System Test Cases from DM Subsystem Requirements Constraint Blocks 20110526 20110601 Allsman Robyn[50%] 0% THe FRS document has been reviewed to select the performance based requirements. 20110520
Generate Functional Acceptance Test Cases from DM Subsystem Requirements 20110602 20110608 Allsman Robyn[50%] 0% 20110520
Update DM Sizing Model Freemon Mike Same comments as above (for reference design status) 20110520
Update Science workbook and explanation document 20110228 20110420 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[10%],Axelrod Tim[10%] 50% Numbers and basic requirements updated in expectation of reorganization, final object counts. 20110325
Update Technology Trends workbook and explanation document 20110418 20110422 Freemon Mike[20%] 0% 20110520
Consolidate and update Computing workbook and explanation document 20110222 20110420 Lim KT[20%] 50% Consolidation complete; quantities and formulas need review 20110422
Consolidate and update I/O and Storage workbook and explanation document 20110222 20110531 Lim KT[10%],Becla Jacek[25%],Axelrod Tim[10%] 80%* Incorporated and redid network estimates, redid the query access cost model, started documenting storage/io/network spreadsheet. 20110516
Update Network workbook and explanation document, integrate into sizing model sheets 20110222 20110421 Lambert Ron[20%],Kantor Jeff[10%] 75%* Preparing letters from AmLight?, REUNA 20110422
Complete DM Inputs to Risk Management, System Integration, Commissioning, and Operations Plans Kantor Jeff Completed analysis and cost impact of several operations descope scenarios 20110520
Update DM parts of LSST System Integration Test Plan 20101022 20110429 Allsman Robyn[30%],Freemon Mike[10%],Kantor Jeff[5%] 0% 20110421
Contribute DM sections to LSST Risk Management, Commissioning, I&T, and Operations Plans 20100416 20110527 Kantor Jeff[10%],Allsman Robyn[20%],Axelrod Tim[20%],Plante Ray[20%],Freemon Mike[20%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[13%] 4% 20110421
Get MOUs with resource support/commitment from DM partners 20110418 20110610 Kantor Jeff[5%],Van Dyk Schuyler[5%],Freemon Mike[5%],Becla Jacek[5%],Lupton Robert[5%],Lambert Ron[5%] 0% 20110421
System Architecture Team Dubois-Felsmann Gregory
PDR material preparation Kantor Jeff

Other Activity

Mario Juric, a Hubble Fellow at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, has accepted the DM System Scientist position and is scheduled to start in January, 2012.

A Project Management Contol System (PMCS) support person has been hired on contract through the remainder of FY11 to support Preliminary Design Review preparation and follow-up actions.