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Guide on Reporting Percentage Completed:

For software development tasks:

  • use 0% if the solution is still being designed;
  • use 25% if the solution's design is completed;
  • use 50% if the solution is implemented and tested within the Ticket branch;
  • use 75% if the implementation review is complete, the Ticket branch has been merged onto the Trunk branch, and the Ticket is closed.
  • use 100% if the affected Trunk packages are tagged and released.

For level of effort tasks, use % of effort expended rounded to nearest 5%:

For other tasks, still use these increments, but apply their meaning as best as possible:

  • use 0% if the deliverable is still being designed;
  • use 25% if the deliverable's design is completed;
  • use 50% if the deliverable is implemented awaiting review/approval;
  • use 75% if the deliverable has been reviewed and in revision;
  • use 100% if the deliverable is approved and posted to appropriate repository.

Note: Please place an asterisk (*) after the percent if you updated this value in this report.

Task Start Finish Resources (lead first) % Complete Comments Last Updated
Update DM MREFC Cost Estimates Kantor Jeff Completely new baseline established in PMCS based on v82 of infrastructure costs, and revised UML-based estimates of applications and middleware. Will do once more before PDR. 1/25/11
Update UML-based Application, Middleware Estimates 11/12/10 11/19/10 Kantor Jeff 100% Applications done, Middleware unchanged. 1/25/11
Update Application, Middleware Cost Estimate and BOE 11/19/10 11/24/10 Kantor Jeff 100% 1/25/11
Update Infrastructure Cost Estimate and BOE 12/28/10 1/4/11 Freemon Mike[15%] 100% 1/25/11
Publish Estimates via Primavera Web Export 1/4/11 1/5/11 Kantor Jeff[50%] 100% 1/25/11
Update MREFC Proposal 12/16/10 1/26/11 Kantor Jeff[80%],Axelrod Tim[80%],Van Dyk Schuyler[80%],Plante Ray[80%],Freemon Mike[80%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[80%],Allsman Robyn[80%],Becla Jacek[80%],Lim KT[80%] 100% 1/25/11
Update PMCS II Final Design, Construction, Commissioning Plans Kantor Jeff All plans updated and baselined in PMCS. XER and XLS files archived in docushare. Web site published. 1/25/11
Update T&S MREFC Project 10/22/10 12/16/10 Krabbendam Victor[20%] 100% 1/25/11
Update DM MREFC Project 10/22/10 12/16/10 Kantor Jeff[20%] 100% 1/25/11
Update Camera MREFC Project 9/30/10 12/2/10 Kurita Nadine[20%] 100% 1/25/11
Update PMO, EPO MREFC Projects 10/22/10 10/28/10 Kantor Jeff[10%],Krabbendam Victor[10%],Jacoby Suzanne[20%] 100% 1/25/11
Update Commissioning MREFC Project 10/22/10 10/28/10 Sweeney Don[10%],Kantor Jeff[10%], Krabbendam Victor[10%],Claver Chuck[20%] 100% 1/25/11
Publish plans via Primavera Web Export 10/22/10 10/22/10 Kantor Jeff[50%] 100% 1/31/11
Database and Data Access Analyses Becla Jacek
XLDB 2010 10/6/10 10/25/10 Becla Jacek,Lim KT 100% 01/24/11
Improve trac db documentation for PDR 9/2/09 11/2/10 Becla Jacek[10%] 60% This will be done closer to PDR (March/April?) 02/22/11
Research new db technologies - LOE 5/1/08 11/12/10 Becla Jacek[2%],Lim KT[2%],Hanushevsky Andy[2%] 100%* 02/22/11
Interact with sciCollab chairs, refresh list of common queries 12/10/08 10/28/10 Becla Jacek[10%] 100%* 02/22/11
Scalability tests phase II (up to 100 nodes) 9/1/10 12/15/10 Wang Daniel 100%* Done. Will do phage III (250 nodes) during PT1.2 02/22/11
SSD Database Tests 8/2/10 11/1/10 Becla Jacek 95% Still need to finalize the summary document 02/22/11
Update data storage and i/o sizing estimates 9/20/10 11/11/10 Becla Jacek[70%],Lim KT[30%] 75% Work in progress 02/22/11
Write design document for PDR 11/12/10 12/9/10 Becla Jacek[5%],Lim KT[5%],Hanushevsky Andy[20%] 0% This will be done closer to PDR (March/April?) 02/22/11
MOPS Analyses Axelrod Tim
Complete analysis of runs of FindTracklets/LinkTracklets? and OrbFit? driven by simulated DIASources 10/10/08 11/24/10 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 75% Determined that the number of false tracks returned by LinkTracklets can be reduced by several orders of magnitude by use of a cut on prob(chisq) for the fit of the coordinates to quadratics on the sky. Significant numbers of true tracks are eliminated by the initial implementation of this filter, however. The cause has been investigated, and determined to be due to the varying accuracy with which the true ephemerides match the polynomial model. We are now working to quantify this accuracy, which would allow a more accurate prob(chisq). 1/24/11
Estimate amount of CPU required for LSST MOPS 11/8/10 12/6/10 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 50% 1/31/11
Prototype key algorithms in MOPS design 12/6/10 1/17/11 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 25% 1/31/11
Determine requirements for FutureMOPS that will satisfy solar system science requirements as sketched out in SRD 1/17/11 1/31/11 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 50% 1/31/11
Plan R&D program for FutureMOPS 1/31/11 2/7/11 Axelrod Tim[20%],Myers Jonathan[75%] 100% 1/31/11
Complete DM content in OSS Dubois-Felsmann Gregory
Extract quantitative requirements text from Sizing Model and Data Quality Requirements Document and Scorecard 8/16/10 10/26/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 100%* Remaining work is captured in MOPS item below. 1/31/11
Update star and galaxy counts 9/8/10 11/2/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 75%* Values updated for MREFC resubmission. Awaiting a final MC analysis from Ivezic/Juric? to confirm numbers for PDR. 1/31/11
Extract values for Data Quality Requirements 10/20/10 11/3/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 75%* Still need to do a confirmation pass and update numbers associated with MOPS. 1/31/11
Capture network requirements in SysML model 11/3/10 11/4/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 0%
Capture cyber-security requirements in SysML model 11/4/10 12/2/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 0%
Support establishment of traceability between LSR and OSS 9/1/10 12/24/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[15%] 25% Further trace relations added, still need comprehensive pass. 12/1/10
Establish bounding requirements in SysML for MOPS 12/6/10 12/20/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[5%] 50%* Was awaiting analysis from Tim which is apparently nearly complete now. 1/31/11
Revise DM-FRS Dubois-Felsmann Gregory
Restate existing quantitative requirements as constraint blocks 11/1/10 12/27/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 75* Needs final review 1/31/11
Enter requirements and constraint blocks into SysML 9/21/10 12/31/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] --* Duplicate with above task. 1/31/11
Establish traceability of FRS to OSS (or elsewhere) 9/23/10 1/6/11 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 20% Isolated improvements to traceability in conjunction with additions 10/20/10
Review traceability with Tim and Chuck, clean up 1/7/11 1/11/11 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Axelrod Tim[50%] 0%
Update Structure Model Dubois-Felsmann Gregory
Revise Structure Model to match SysArch? SysML standards 9/30/10 1/12/11 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 100%* 1/31/11
Update Structure Model to match revised WBS 11/9/10 1/12/11 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 50%
Update Structure Model - FRS traceability 1/12/11 1/14/11 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 0%
Prepare ICDs Dubois-Felsmann Gregory
Create DM internal ICD N2 diagram 10/22/10 10/22/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 75%* Created, reviewed with KTL. Need to circulate to full SAT for review. 12/1/10
DM-SDS 10/4/10 10/29/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Marshall Stuart[50%] 75% Still needs interface for retrieving old images from buffer. 1/31/11
ADASS 2010 Conference 11/7/10 11/11/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory,Becla Jacek,Pierfederici Francesco 0%
DM-EPO 10/31/10 11/19/10 Jacoby Suzanne[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%] 75% DM-EPO session held at AHM; significant progress in engaging larger EPO group in understanding what we need; regular DM-EPO contact initiated
DM-CCS 11/22/10 12/17/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Marshall Stuart[25%] 60%
SLAC December 2010 Holiday Shutdown/Vacation? 12/20/10 12/31/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory,Becla Jacek,Lim KT,Wang Daniel 0%
DM-OCS 12/20/10 1/12/11 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Schumacher German[50%] 50%*
DM-sites 1/3/11 1/19/11 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Lambert Ron[50%],Barr Jeff[50%] 50%
DM-TCS 1/17/11 1/24/11 Sebag Jacques[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%] 50%* Needs entry to SysML 1/31/11
Update App and MW Reference Design for DC3a, DC3b PT1, PT1.1 Allsman Robyn 50% The DM Reference Design Usecases and Activities have been annotated with their WBS; the relationship matrix between the block structure and the UC&Activites is ready to be mapped. 2/21/11
Develop Performance Budgets, Timing/Sequence? Diagrams for Alert and Data Release steady state 10/14/10 11/9/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Lim KT[50%] 40% 10/21/10
Update reference design - structure model traceability 11/9/10 11/12/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[50%],Kantor Jeff[25%],Allsman Robyn[50%],Lim KT[25%],Plante Ray[25%] 1% Created traceability matrix from Apps UC to Activities 12/9/10
Compare DM app framework and middleware to ALMA, other projects 10/22/10 10/28/10 Plante Ray[20%],Lim KT[10%] 100% Refer to Docushare: Document-8434 for review and conclusions 1/24/11
Update Infrastructure Reference Design Freemon Mike 25% Initiated weekly meetings with NCSA technology experts to provide advice and consultation; Started the restructuring of the sizing model, design, and cost sheets
Finalizing interface sheets of the sizing model
Update Mountain/Base? Network Design 10/22/10 11/4/10 Lambert Ron[20%] 50% Updated design to show increase to 100 Gbps midway in operations. 10/24/10
Update Long-Haul Network Acquisition Plans 10/22/10 11/4/10 Lambert Ron[5%],Kantor Jeff[5%] 75% Updated to show increase to 40 - 100 Gbps midway in operations and pay for LS - SCL infrastructure build up in MREFC. Started discussion regarding funding SCL - MIA during MREFC with AmLight?. 1/24/11
Update Infrastructure Power, Cooling, Floor Space 11/5/10 11/16/10 Lambert Ron[10%],Freemon Mike[10%] 0%
Infrastructure Trends and our position (e.g. SSD, GPU, Advanced Processor Architecture, Virtual Shared Memory) 10/25/10 12/10/10 Freemon Mike[20%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%],Lim KT[20%] 10% Began organization of several GPU evaluation efforts at AHM 2/21/2011
Update Computing, Storage Reference Design Documentation 10/22/10 11/18/10 Freemon Mike[20%] 10% completed update to cost estimates
finalizing sizing model interface sheets
Enterprise Architect Customizations Dubois-Felsmann Gregory
Develop Requirements Id Tool 9/3/10 12/14/10 Bartels Jeff[50%] 100% Final version installed, collected issues for a revision release. 1/31/11
Requirements and Design for Science User Interface 10/1/10 2/28/11 Van Dyk Schuyler 10% in progress 1/25/11
Conducted SUI workshop with Science Collaborations, Issued call for UI Focus Group, conducted joint UML session wiht EPO 1/11/11 1/12/11 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%] 100% done 1/25/11
Define requirements, integrate into FRS and system requirements 1/13/11 2/9/11 Van Dyk Schuyler[50%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%] 0% in progress 1/25/11
AAS 217 Seattle SUI Workshop 1/9/11 1/10/11 Kantor Jeff[50%],Van Dyk Schuyler[50%] 100% Workshop completed. 1/25/11
Develop Apps Roadmap and Data Quality Plan Axelrod Tim
Produce a subset of these DQ metrics which have specified metrics, and to the extent possible, include threshold values that must be met to satisfy DQ requirements. 9/30/10 10/29/10 Axelrod Tim[20%] 100%
Produce detailed list of data produced by DM system that need associated DQ metrics, the type of metric needed for each, and the type of verification that will be employed. 9/30/10 11/4/10 Axelrod Tim[20%] 100% 11/29/10
Iterate the DQ metrics and thresholds with the SST, SC, Sci Collabs, yielding a PDR-final set of DQ metrics 11/4/10 11/25/10 Axelrod Tim[20%] 100%
Develop Apps sheet of DM Roadmap 11/25/10 1/6/11 Axelrod Tim[10%] 50% App Status sheet developed, need more functional descriptions from Apps team 1/25/11
DM Test Plans Allsman Robyn No status change to this item up to -> 2/21/11
Draft DM Unit Test documents 9/30/10 10/28/10 Allsman Robyn[25%] 50% Updated SDP's DM V&V section to include test implementation responsibility during DC and Construction. NOT YET APPROVED by TCT/SAT/etc. 2/21/11
Draft DM Integration Test documents 10/14/10 11/4/10 Allsman Robyn[25%] 50% Draft is outlined and 75% fleshed out. 2/21/110
Draft DM System Test documents 11/5/10 11/9/10 Allsman Robyn[35%] 0%
Draft DM Acceptance Test documents 11/10/10 11/23/10 Allsman Robyn[25%] 0%
Generate Integration Test Cases from DM Ref Design Use Cases/Activities? 11/24/10 11/30/10 Allsman Robyn[50%] 20% Generated Applications IT Cases; need to implement post-processing reformatter. 2/21/110
Create Performance System Test Cases from DM Subsystem Requirements Constraint Blocks 12/1/10 12/7/10 Allsman Robyn[50%] 0%
Generate Functional Acceptance Test Cases from DM Subsystem Requirements 12/8/10 12/14/10 Allsman Robyn[50%] 0%
Update DM Sizing Model Dubois-Felsmann Gregory Interim update completed towards MREFC resubmission. 1/31/11
Reorganize DM Sizing Model into single workbooks for Science, Technology Trends, Computing, Storage, Network 11/22/10 12/14/10 Kantor Jeff[10%],Freemon Mike[10%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[10%],Lim KT[10%] 10% Basic structure identified and sheet-to-sheet flow diagram created 1/25/11
Update Science workbook and explanation document 12/14/10 12/21/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[10%],Axelrod Tim[10%] 75%* Needs update from ZI on star counts, and final integration with other new workbooks. 1/31/11
Update Technology Trends workbook and explanation document 12/14/10 12/21/10 Freemon Mike[20%] 25%* Interim update toward MREFC resubmission 2/21/11
Consolidate and update Computing workbook and explanation document 12/21/10 12/28/10 Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[20%] 25%* Interim update toward MREFC resubmission 1/31/11
Consolidate and update Storage workbook and explanation document 12/21/10 12/28/10 Lim KT[10%],Becla Jacek[10%],Axelrod Tim[10%] 25%* Interim update toward MREFC resubmission 1/31/11
Update Network workbook and explanation document 12/21/10 12/23/10 Lambert Ron[20%] 50% 1/25/11
Complete DM Inputs to Risk Management, System Integration, Commissioning, and Operations Plans Kantor Jeff
Update DM parts of LSST System Integration Test Plan 10/22/10 11/4/10 Allsman Robyn[30%],Freemon Mike[10%],Kantor Jeff[5%] 10% Updated DM input to PMCS 2/10/11
Contribute DM sections to LSST Risk Management, Commissioning, I&T, and Operations Plans 4/16/10 11/26/10 Kantor Jeff[10%],Allsman Robyn[20%],Axelrod Tim[20%],Plante Ray[20%],Freemon Mike[20%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[13%] 75% 1/25/11
Get MOUs with resource support/commitment from DM partners 10/22/10 12/16/10 Kantor Jeff[5%],Van Dyk Schuyler[5%],Freemon Mike[5%],Becla Jacek[5%],Lupton Robert[5%],Lambert Ron[5%] 0%
PDR final material preparation Kantor Jeff
Ensure all documents in docushare updated 2/7/11 2/11/11 Kantor Jeff[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Plante Ray[25%],Freemon Mike[25%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Allsman Robyn[25%],Becla Jacek[25%],Lim KT[25%] 0%
Create PDR presentations 2/11/11 2/17/11 Kantor Jeff[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Plante Ray[25%],Freemon Mike[25%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Allsman Robyn[25%],Becla Jacek[25%],Lim KT[25%] 0%
Dry Run DM Presentations 2/17/11 2/23/11 Kantor Jeff[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Plante Ray[25%],Freemon Mike[25%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Allsman Robyn[25%],Becla Jacek[25%],Lim KT[25%] 0%
Update DM Presentations for Final Version for PDR 2/23/11 3/1/11 Kantor Jeff[25%],Axelrod Tim[25%],Plante Ray[25%],Freemon Mike[25%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[25%],Allsman Robyn[25%],Becla Jacek[25%],Lim KT[25%] 0%
Conduct Preliminary Design Review 5/16/11 5/20/11 Kantor Jeff[80%],Axelrod Tim[80%],Van Dyk Schuyler[80%],Plante Ray[80%],Freemon Mike[80%],Dubois-Felsmann Gregory[80%],Allsman Robyn[80%],Becla Jacek[80%],Lim KT[80%] 0%

Other Activity