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LSST Cluster at NCSA

NCSA has a small ten-blade cluster with nodes named through This cluster is dedicated solely to the LSST project.

lsst1 - lsst4

These nodes have all been set up using the account names and passwords as on

Nodes lsst1-lsst4 are dedicated to tests related to file transfer; unless you're part of the file transfer test part of DC2, please don't use them.

lsst5 - lsst8

These notes are available for general use.


lsst9 has been connected to NCSA's mass storage system and has about nine terabytes of storage in the directory /lsst. About 1.7 TB is currently being used to store the compressed form of the test images.

lsst10 has been configured with extra memory for use with the MySQL server.

MySQL 5.0.45 has been installed and is running on lsst10; we have opened port 3306 to allow for remote access to the database.

Some MySQL accounts have already been created. If you don't have an account and would like one, please contact David Gehrig.