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This is some documentation, mainly items which were put together for the Calibration Simulation Face-to-Face meeting 1/24/08.

  1. John H, simulation outline (status of code)[[BR]] Accounts will be set up at NCSA for users/developers of this code as it evolves.

  1. Bogdan

Summary of John's code and which software packages/versions are required. Reminded us of the functionalities yet needed - instrument simulation, etc. as outlined on original flowchart. Includes an updated version of the original 'workpackage' flowchart layout.

  1. Andy R, LSST optical properties (TBA) Andy's Ray Tracing Talk

He will provide code to convert RA/Dec to x,y,col,row,amp,raft,visit for given pointing. We will need to provide the refraction and differential refraction corrections? General discussion of camera response items:

  • Non-linearity in CCD response?
  • Quantum efficiency
  • z offsets of tiles
  • Tilt (dz/dx or dz/dy) of tiles
  • Angle dependence of filters. The question of E2E code accessibility was raised.
  1. Dave Monet, notes on astrometrics Introduced the need for proper motion, parallax, differential refraction.

  1. James Bartlett, Description of neat algorithm to generate atmospheres over a one year period. What cloud cover model to use?

  1. Dave Burke (CTIO spectra and analysis) Results from atmospheric studies.

  1. Lynne, Ubercal SDDS algorithm and some general ideas for LSST

Lynne's proposed source and sourceSED catalog background:

  1. Tim Axelrod (.ppt) The MCMC approach to ubercal.

Tim also introduced flowcharts relating to the overall data processing plan for DC3 and beyond at the IPAC Apps Meeting. These give feedback for what the Cal Sim should expect the DC3 data proc plan to be, and how we should fit into DC3.