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LSST Calibration Simulation

Welcome! This page is intended to be used as a gathering point for Calibration Simulation information.

People working on the calibration simulation

The Simulation

The calibration simulation currently is attempting to address:

  • Generating a catalog of stars to use in this calibration (simMWCalObj's) WP2
  • Simulating the transmission of the atmosphere, and how this changes in time WP4
  • Simulating the response of the telescope hardware WP3
  • Simulating a distortion map of the telescope focal plane (through ray tracing) WP3.5
  • Combining the stellar catalog (with SED information) with the atmosphere/hardware throughput to generate flux counts measured by the detector (simSources) for input to the photometric calibration pipeline WP1
  • Combining the stellar catalog (with parallax/proper motion information) with the atmospheric refraction and telescope WCS distortion to generate x/y (raft/CCD/amp x/y) coordinates for input to the astrometric calibration pipeline WP1

Further work includes:

  • Generating the auxiliary telescope outputs WP4
  • Generating the bias & dome flats & fringe frames, cross talk, pupil corrections, etc.
  • Add a sky background to our simSource data
  • 'linearizing' or 'detrending' (or whatever this process will be called) our flux counts in a manner consistent with Data Management
  • Using these 'linearization' products to turn flux counts -> measured magnitudes
  • Creating an ubercal-type procedure to calibrate measured magnitudes from each simSource WP5
  • Creating a similar procedure to measure very small relative changes in astrometric positions WP5

Current status

To be updated.

Code and Catalog Development

Getting started with computing on the NCSA cluster

Mailing lists

We have mailing lists on Hypernews. (the first is specific Cal Sim, the second is general Calibrations relevant to Cal Sim) and