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DC3b Tasks for the Analysis Support Team

PT1Dick/Russ?Compute the metric which captures the variation of the image mode across the CCD (or FPA for that matter) and compare to a threshold.
PT1Russ/Dick?automate the comparison to ground truth for cosmic ray removal -- want to look at the performance with different image characteristics, such as background level, source crowding, proximity to bright sources.
PT1Russ/Dick?collate and present failure rate statistics for WCS, PSF, other selected stage
PT1RussCharacterize the fidelity of the WCS solution (see Russ' WCS failure check proposal). Statistics are higher priority than raising an event. Stage almost complete, waiting for Serge to add a method to the source match class that calculates the RMS for the matches,
PT1Vince For pixels to be used for evaluating template-subtracted images, generate histogram of those pixels and evaluate using TBD method if there is too much residual structure. OPEN ISSUE Assigned to Vince to look at DC3a data and propose an approach
PT1RUss/DickCompare DIA sources for an image to the input simulated variable sources to determine Completeness, Reliability (false positives) and photometric property recovery.
PT1RUssEnsure we can capture PS-MOPS metrics into our analysis framework.
PT2Dick/Russ?do simple image statistics on background-subracted image to see if it really looks background free OPEN ITEM HOW TO DO THIS.
PT2Dick/Russ?Facilitate comparison of Deep Detection and Measurement object catalog to simulated object catalog. e.g. completeness, properties.
PT3Russ/Dick?When modeled PSF is understood, automate comparison of derived PSF to simulated PSF. OPEN ITEM HOW TO DO THIS.
PT3Russ/Dick?In addition, compare derived properties of PSF (flux) to simulated properties. OPEN ITEM HOW TO DO THIS.
PT3Deborah to track AIevaluate PSF and other ICP-type properties for coadded images in the same way as for single-frame images -- compare to expectations. OPEN ISSUE how to get the expectations. This has been assigned as an Action Item outside the team