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Analysis Support Action Items.

Status updated February 11, 2010 by Deborah

Due DateAssigned toActionStatus
Jan 20TimKickoff discussion with SIM team about specific items needed for DC3b AnalysisCompleted
TBASim Team/Tim?Specify Location and format of specific items needed for DC3b AnalysisNot Assigned
Feb 5SimonPopulate ImageMode?Pending determination of persistence method -- metadata vs SDQA Rating
AprilFergalCapture and make available derived photometric zeropointOpen, not due
Feb 5ICP developerMake ICP run on other LSST image types e.g. background subtracted, differenceOpen, alternatives sugggested at Feb 10 AWG
Feb 5JonAdd MOPS requirements to data quality requirementsFirst cut made
Feb 5SergeAdd AP requirements to data quality requirementsSuzy to contact Serge
Feb 5MonetAdd Astrometric Calibration pipeline requirements to data quality requirementsSchuyler to contact Dave Monet
Feb 5GehrigExceptions that are thrown by pipelines should also send failure events.UNK
TBAJacek/KTAdd table for simulated and generated object catalog matchesUNK
PT1Jacek/KTDefine database integrity and consistency checks to be performed prior to starting science analysisTBD
Feb 5TimCrisp up the requirements associated with photometric calibration First cut made
Feb 19Tim/Jeff?Generate Calendar of validation tasks for Science Collaborations to address.UNK
Feb 19Deborahflesh out astrometric cal section of Data Quality requirements per TimReschedule from Feb 5
Feb 26Russuse database schema browser to determine if all SDQA needed information is present in database schemaTBD
PT3Simon/AndyBNeed to figure out the mechanics of how Analysts and/or analysis tools can get at the ISR bad-pixel inputs Open
PT1DickNeed to construct the necessary components from what would be the CALIBRATION PRODUCTS pipeline, e.g. flats. Open
TBASchuylerNeed to do simple image statistics (mean, background, st. dev, etc,) as captured in SDQA metrics on any LSST image typeOpen, assigned to Schuyler to further define, likely replaces item above assigned to ICP
PT2 or 3Gregory/Tim?/AndyCDetermine how to generate expected ground truth for properties of coadds, e.g. PSF, background level, noise level based on SIM inputs.UNK
PT1AndyB/DeborahFor subtracted images, determine how to select pixels to be used in evaluation of source subtraction quality.Open
PT2 or 3DeborahDiscuss with MOPS team what metrics are being produced and how useful they are.Open