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We will be having our regular bi-weekly Infrastructure WG telecon on Monday, December 21, at 12 Noon CT.


  • HPC Allocation Update
    • Current Allocation (as of Dec20)
      • Allocated: 30K SUs on abe; 30K SUs on lincoln (nVidia Tesla GPUs)
      • Used: 107 SUs (abe); 0 SUs (lincoln)
      • Remaining: ~29K SUs (abe); 30K SUs (lincoln)
      • How to get access: contact MikeF
    • Next TG Allocation Cycle
      • Proposals due Jan15 for Apr1 allocations
    • Note the following:
      The TeraGrid will host a teleconference on two different dates to provide step-by-step 
      instructions and answers to your questions on how to write and submit a successful proposal.
      * **Allocation Request Guidelines Telecon 1: Dec. 22, 1:00-2:30 CST (central)**
      * **Allocation Request Guidelines Telecon 2: Jan.   4, 1:00-2:30 CST (central)**
      Call 1-866-740-1260 and enter Access Code 8229741.
      To view the presentation online during the talk, visit "readytalk": 
      during the call and enter the same access code in the _Participant Login box_. (For our records, 
      please enter your name, email and institution when requested.)
  • Cost Sheet Update
    • Baseline verion is v45
    • Current version now v69
    • Summary of Changes
    • Questions & Notes
      • Ramp up: One of the things in the cost sheet that I wonder about is our "ramp up", i.e. we're currently planning on buying 1/3 of the hardware 3 years early, 2/3 two years early, etc. I wonder if 3 years early is a little too soon.
      • LSST-9 Estimating the cost of forced sources
        • What about increased CPU requirements to process forcedsources (above and beyond what would be required without forcedsources)?
      • LSST-65 UPS
        • No UPS in the PCF; What are LSST requirements for UPS? Do we need one? If so, how much time do we need?
        • Possible construction implications.
        • 85 degrees
    • Upcoming Changes
      • Priority is getting a new BaseFloorSpace.xls to RonL/JeffB, which depends on:
        • LSST-50 Floorspace tab: Floorspace calculation does not take into account the increase in drive capacities over time
        • LSST-40 Disk Cost/Capacity? Trends (3 yr step, etc.)
        • LSST-71 Compute model currently based on Rpeak. This needs to be changed. Rmax is better, but still not right. What to use?
        • LSST-55 How are TFlops mapped to nodes? How does this evolve over time? [constant TF/core; constant $/node; moore's law for cores/node (model now more flexible)] ($-451K/$-4096K)
          • Radical reduction in number of compute nodes. Arch from 741->2049 to 99->102; Base from 337->376 to 48->49
          • LSST-80 Planning to introduce a "Factor X" for the out years
      • LSST-72 Update PMCS Baseline in Cost Sheet
      • LSST-78 Move the 3% CPU spare from document 2116 "CPU Sizing" to document 6284 "Cost Estimate"
      • LSST-79 Add tape library replacement to ArchAOS and BaseAOS
      • LSST-10 Update Power & Cooling at Base Site (info already received from RonL)
      • LSST-47 Power Costs at BaseSite: Use Historical Data to Model Future Power Prices
      • LSST-36 Update Power & Cooling at ArchSite
      • LSST-28 Optimal CPU Replacement Policy
      • LSST-36 P&C and Floorspace at PCF (rates, payment approach, green features of PCF)
      • LSST-69 New Model for Floorspace (Lease Costs) at ArchSite
      • LSST-14 Processor Sizing Update (Doc2116 LSST CPU Sizing)
      • LSST-37 Missing controller costs for disk
    • Next steps with cost sheet
      • Full review each of the elements of the cost sheet (boxes of the mapping document)
        • More readable description of the formulas being used
        • Identification and documentation of assumptions
        • Identification and documentation of external data input
      • Serves two significant purposes
        • Allows for better internal reviews (validation of models and information used)
        • Provides justifications for external reviews
      • Results in an updated (or replacement of) Document-1684 and related documents ("Explanation of Cost Estimates")
  • DC3b Storage Options/Costs?
    • LSST-11 DC3b Hardware
    • Request in to TG allocations of PT1
    • Request in to NCSA allocations for PT2, PT3
    • Discussion with Allocations
      • commitment of 10TB spinning disk from TG (covers PT1)
      • tape complicated - can't commit until ~Jan
        • old tape system/new tape system; tape format compatibilities; funding sources & HPC followons; etc.
    • Spinning Disk
      • Should be doable if we stay close to the lower end of the range
    • DB Storage
      • Can use existing SAN
      • LSST-73 Add additional 3.3TB of our existing SAN allocation to lsst10 /scr
    • Tape
      • This is going to be difficult
      • $62/TB (for single copy) [$25/tape=400GB]; for 300TB is $19K
      • Q1: Can we delete PT1 data at the start of PT2, and PT2 data at the start of PT3? How must tape space would such a policy save us?
        • Given the anticipated costs for tape storage, this could save quite a bit of money.
        • But, this reverses previous discussions/requirements about serving PT1 data during PT2, and PT2 data during PT3.
      • Q2: Is data loss acceptable? (750 tapes)
        • I have a question in right now regarding tape failure rates
    • Compute
      • SU being addressed by our first topic above

  • Distributed File Management (REDDNET/Lstore/iRods/DataNet) iff we have the right people on the call
  • InfraWG Ticket Update


Attendees: K-T, Arun, Ray, MikeF

  • Action items reflected in JIRA tickets.
  • UPS is more important at base site, i.e. the UPS requirements likely won't be the same at the two sites
  • DC3b PT data is cumulative, i.e. cannot dump PT1 data during PT2, etc., to save space/money
  • A new diskIO sheet is coming, with a summary tab formatted to match previous versions
  • Get Arun a JIRA account

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