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Due to a lack of quorum, I am cancelling today's scheduled Infrastructure Working Group conference call.

Let's plan on a status update regarding progress on the DC3b hardware requirements tomorrow during the DC3 conference call.

I will go ahead an mention one other infrastructure activity. We are currently in the early stages of thinking about and planning what it would take to leverage the Blue Waters system to address petascale LSST challenges. The two ideas under consideration right now are (a) a correlation engine across all combinations of science database parameters/attributes, and (b) running multi-fit across the whole image collection. We are meeting with the Blue Waters team, and may apply for PRAC funding from NSF to, among other things, establish a formal collaboration between LSST and the Blue Waters team. This work is completely orthogonal to the DC3b hardware planning and the "core" LSST processing and hardware we are planning for construction and operations.

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We will be having our regular bi-weekly Infrastructure WG telecon today, Monday, September 28, at 12 Noon CT.



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