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We will be having our regular bi-weekly Infrastructure WG telecon today, Monday, July 6, at 12 Noon CT.


A short meeting to review:

  • The new version of the cost estimate spreadsheet (see link below)
    • including revisions to the drive roadmap (now double every 3 years)
  • The new version of the Reference Design for Infrastructure drawing (see link below)
    • include the new base camp drawing
  • Review of infrastructure tickets of interest
  • Open discussion for anyone with questions and comments for the InfraWG

The next InfraWG call will be August 3.


Infrastructure Working Group Page:

Cost Estimate Spreadsheet:

Reference Design for Infrastructure (Visio)


Attendees: KT, ChrisC, RayP, MikeF

  • Chris presented new model and costs for disk storage
    • projections at
      • chart # 1: current cost per drive capacity
      • chart # 2: trends through 2025
    • low, mid low, mid high, and high refer to drive capacity of commodity drives at any point of time
    • database storage will be priced based upon lowest cost per spindle (i.e. mid low)
    • file system storage will be priced based up lowest cost per TB (i.e. high)
  • storage roadmap: sizes now doubling every 3 years (previously estimated at 2 years)
  • Cost impact of these changes
    • New cost estimate sheet will be posted by Friday PM using this new model
  • storage capacity requirements
  • The next InfraWG call is Aug 3.