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We will be having our regular bi-weekly Infrastructure WG telecon today, Monday, July 6, at 12 Noon CT.


  • Introduce the new home page for the Infrastructure Working Group on the trac wiki
  • Introduce the new approach for task management for the Infrastructure WG
  • An update from Chris/Mike/Ray? on currently active tasks of interest to the group
  • Open discussion for anyone with questions and comments for the InfraWG

The InfraWG Home Page us at:

The next InfraWG call will be July 20 (Apollo11 + 40 years).


Attendees: MikeF, ChrisC, RayP, DanielW

  • Discussed home page and use of trac tickets
    • all work will be represented by a trac ticket
    • if you're spending time on it or planning on spending time on it, it needs to be a ticket
    • trac tickets will always be updated and current
  • Mike will link the WG page off of the main page
  • Daniel will add Daniel to the WG member list
  • Chris working on new costing model and will have revision in the next day or two (dup of ticket 852)
  • use numbers from doc 1779 v60 or v59? Ray will check with Jeff or Jacek
  • we are currently using the ticket title to specific due date. Mike with check with DavidG about best place for due dates on tickets. (Answer: trac does not offer any better solutions)