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The Infrastructure Working Group

All Infrastructure Work Group tasks are tracked as trac ticket. The component is "infrastructure". The current list of non-closed tickets can be found here

Conference Calls

The InfrastructureWG conducts conference calls bi-weekly on Mondays at 12N CT. The usual format is to discuss recently closed and/or currently open tickets.

The telephone number is 866-330-1200 with passcode 3964634#

Agenda & Minutes


  • Sites & Systems
  • The Reference Design is at xxx
  • The Cost Estimate Spreadsheet is at xxx

Team Members

  • Mike Freemon
  • Chris Cribbs
  • Ray Plante


The primary contact for Instructure WG questions, comments, issues, is:

Mike Freemon NCSA email: mfreemon at ncsa dot uiuc dot edu voice: 217-244-7503