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These are the components of the LSST Site/Center? infrastructure.

Component Description
alert production database used by alert production pipeline; includes SDQA
data release database used by data release production pipeline
up-to-date database database containing only data from alert production processing; an idential replica of the alert production database
query access database high-performance database containing only data from data release processing; includes DR1, DR-latest, DR-latest-minus-1
calibration database used by calibration production processing
engineering and facility database copied from BaseSite; convenient for users who want to do joins
L3 community database community user databases
File Storage (Spinning)
alert postage stamp images produced by alert production processing
image cache last 30 days of calibrated images; recreated on-demand calibrated images; cutout image cache; raw image cache; not backed up
co-add images co-added images produced by DR processing
template images template images produced by DR processing
master calibration images images produced by calibration production processing
L3 community images images created by L3 community processing (not DM)
alert prod scratch (L1) tmp space used by the alert prod compute nodes
DR prod scratch (L2) tmp space used by the DR prod compute nodes (except MOPS)
MOPS scratch (L2) tmp space used by the MOPS compute nodes
calib prod scratch (L2) tmp space used by the calib prod compute nodes
L3 community scratch tmp space used by the compute nodes during L3 community processing
File Storage (Tape)
mass storage disk cache spinning disk front-end cache for tape storage
mass storage tape tape library
alert prod compute (L1) executes alert production processing
DR prod compute (L2) executes data release production processing (except MOPS)
MOPS compute (L2) executes MOPS processing
calib prod compute (L2) execute calibration production processing
On-Demand compute (L2) processing needed to recreate data products on-the-fly
L3 community compute executes all community processing
cutout service compute creates images cutouts on-demand
BaseSite data transfer server "buffer" server at the BaseSite used to send data to the ArchSite
ArchSite data transfer server "buffer" server at the ArchSite used to receive data from the BaseSite
cutout service server services end-user requests for image cutouts
VO Event distribution server received VO events from alert production and publishes them to users
web servers portals for end-user access; includes VO services?
pipeline manager servers
event broker servers
data replication servers