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Image Locations for DC2

from: DC2 Management -> Other Components -> Persistence Framework.

Various pipelines in DC2 will be retrieving images from and persisting images (and potentially other data) into files. We need a standard for where those files should be located.


  • There shouldn't be too many files in a single directory.
  • Important information should be encoded in the pathname to simplify debugging.
    • Exposure ID
    • Slice ID
    • CCD ID (slice ID + 1)
    • Image type (image/img, mask/msk, variance/var)
  • A particular run of DC2 should have its data separate from all other runs. The run directory structure will be pre-created, with input files symbolically linked into the hierarchy.


Input images: /DC2Root/{runId}/Input/{exposureId}/{exposureId}p_{ccdId}_{type}.fits Input templates: /DC2Root/{runId}/Input/{exposureId}/{exposureId}p_{ccdId}_tmpl_{type}.fits Output images: /DC2Root/{runId}/Output/{exposureId}/{ccdId}/{exposureId}_{ccdId}_{type}.fits

See also DC2PipelineInterfaces.