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This document defines the roles and responsibilities for the database servers, basically the division of labor between the database team and the infrastructure team.

This document in no way diminishes or reduces the need for the close working relationship between the two teams that must exist for this environment to work. It merely identified who has primary responsibility for each of these components.

In general terms, the Database Team is responsible for definition and development of the database environment, and the Infrastructure Team is responsible for the implementation and administration of the database environment.

Database Team (JacekB)

  • Definition, creation, and maintenance of databases, tables, indexes, etc.
  • SLAC Secondary database servers
  • Performance of primary database server (query-level)
  • Guidance and recommendations to InfraWG on all aspects of the database environment

Infrastructure Team (MikeF)

  • NCSA Primary database server (lsst10)
  • Performance of primary database server (system-level)
  • System-level configuration of MySQL
    • Anything requiring linux root
    • /etc/my.cnf
    • System-wide mysql parameters/settings
  • Security
    • MySQL account management
    • Authentication: adding/deleting users
    • Authorization: GRANTS, security design
  • Backups
    • (depending on how we end up doing this, it may be more of a "truly joint" responsibility)

Truly Joint Responsibilities

  • Replication of NCSA/SLAC Databases
  • End-User Performance
  • Partitioning
    • Data Partitioning, MySQL Partitioning (Database Team)
    • Disk Storage, Hard Drive Partitioning, File Systems (Infrastructure Team)