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Draft: Data Transfer Challenge, DC3

This is the first draft of this document. This is to get discussion moving on a new data transfer challenge. This challenge is to build off the work done a few months ago by Arun Jagatheesan, Jean-Yves Nief, and myself, Chris Cribbs.

  1. Protocols to be tested.
    1. Sector w/UDT
    2. GridFTP (If possible)
    3. UberFTP
    4. iRODS
  1. Locations
    1. NCSA (Urbana, IL)
    2. SDSC (San Diego, CA
    3. Chile
    4. Lyon, France
    5. University of Indiana
  1. Parameters
    1. File Sizes
      1. 1Mg, 100Mg, 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb.
    2. Testing
      1. The testing will be performed multiple times over multiple days and times. This is to best average out loads on the systems from other users.
      2. We should also do runs of just a few files to running constantly for several hours.
      3. Testing tools to look at are freeware software like IOzone.