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DMS Subsystem Unit Test (UT) Plan

1. Test Plan Identification

  • Baseline Identifier
    • DMS V0.0
  • Testing Level
    • Unit

2. References

3. Use Case and Activity Implementations being Validated

The Data Management System UML reference model is maintained by and within the LSST Enterprise Architect model at LSST_SysArch:LSST System Architecture: Physical: Data Management Subsystem: DMS Use Case and Activity Model.

A static representation of the DMS model is available here circa 2008.

4. Features to be tested

The individual modules which comprise the DMS subsystems will be tested.

5. Approach

5.1 Testing Strategy

Refer to SDP: Verification and Validation, 6.1-4.4 DM Unit Test for the sequenced process by which the testing and validation will occur.

5.2 Test Types

Test types are described in SDP: Verification and Validation, 4.4 Unit Test.

5.3 Overall Test Sequencing

Each DMS subsystem will be unit tested independently and in the following sequence:

  1. Alert Production (WBS
  2. Data Release Production (WBS
  3. Calibration Production (WBS
  4. Science Data Archive (WBS
  5. Operational Control and Monitoring System (WBS

Review SDP: Verification and Validation, 4.4 Unit Test for the required sequencing for module unit testing.

5.4 Test Coverage Metric

A minimum test coverage metric is still to be defined.

6. Test Criteria

Each module being integrated into the validated baseline, must successfully complete the unit tests specified to exercise the module. For additional information on test specification, test failure and test resumption, refer to V&V 6.1-4.4 DMS Unit Test.

7. Test Deliverables

Refer to:

8. Testing Tasks

8.1 Test Precursor Tasks

The set of tasks necessary to prepare for each module unit test includes

  • develop Test Data (WBS
  • develop Test Harnesses and Scripts (WBS

8.2 Inter-task Dependencies

The Test Harness dictates the Test Data required for the unit test.

9. Environmental Needs


See [wiki:XXXXXX? ] for the hardware and operating system specifications of the system to be used for DMS Subsystem unit testing.

Third party software requirements are maintained within the LSST build manifest for each DMS Subsystem.

10. Schedule


See XXXXX? for the project schedule and milestones.

11. Planning Risks and Contingencies


11.1 Contingency: Test Data is unavailable

11.2 Contingency: XXXX

12. Test Case Specification


Unit Test specifications and implementations will be generated by the code developer (and any subsequent code modifiers).


Simulated Input Data

Refer to for specifications of the Image Simulation (ImSim) input dataset.